Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


:surprisedMan that relay a great modeling I like you work … keep it up


Yikes that looks seriously cool - love the details, especially the knuckles, the inside of the mouth and the shoulder pads. This is going to be very good. :beer:


WOW Jack, this sucks already… BIGtime! :wink:

Keep up the great work matey and show us the good stuff… I’ll keep my eye on this thread!


U cenrtainly do know what your doing
Are on detail pills?:surprised
Cant wait the finished piece withall that cool modeling on.
Cheers man:thumbsup:


looking good …as usual lol nothing more to say I guess:hmm: …oh keep going :beer:




wow those are some pipings.hope he’s plumber friendly.i need to work on my pipings too but next update can happen only after friday i think…gaaahh!!! so much work suddenly in middle of this imp thing :stuck_out_tongue:
tc man this is coming out to be great


These details on your kong are more and more impressive man :slight_smile:


mrpeace: Morning Sachithra. i will use mid grey for next update~

anostudio: Thanks Anwar. Good to see you again~

RupertD: Rupert! How’s your flying angel doing! Good to see you here and glad to know that you like the shoulder pads and knuckles. I wasn’t sure about them. Thanks!

MVDB: Michael! It’s been ages! Where have you been! or… where had I been… So good to see you here! I missed the old times ><

Micro 26: man i can’t stop laughing everytime I read the “detail pills” thing. cracks me up! you keep up the fire as well alright. your filying viechle and my Kong are going to have a fight at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

thebest, Neubius, killermachine, Elendil_le_Grand: Thanks guys for your support! keep up the good work all of you!


Looking cool mister Zhang. I love the detail in the modeling. Keep it coming. I,ll keep an eye on this entry.


I had two days of color and light training at office. Great lecturer, great knowledge. I did a quick light test tonight, here’s the result.


Thanks for your comment. Very nice concept and Modeling details. Great work , I’m looking forward to the next update.

Good luck


Oh man I can’t wait to see this when it’s done. Great work man!


Looking good man keep it up


Woahhh! Your monkey have good potencial ! Go monkey go! Go kick some bu**!


more :bounce:more :bounce:more :bounce:more :bounce:


close to complete.


Hey Jack,

Simply awesome my friend!! :smiley: Love your model of steamkong, totally rocks!! :smiley: The shoulders details are a great touch on the design and the mouth is fantastic!! Again, awesome work!! for sure one of my favorites concepts!! Cheers!! :beer:


I just love it, this is one mean KONG

but one little thing bugs me :), the valves (taps) the fact they are big make KONG look small


Yeah man, it has been ages indeed, How are you?.. I’m working my @ss off on a program I joined. But the good news is: I’m almost done with it… It’s all been about animation for me this last year, and I must say my hands are itching to do some modeling! Keep up the great work, Jack! I can see you’re on a roll here with the steampunk theme… "thumbsup: I’ll drop by from time to time!