Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Art2: Thank you Marlon. I think this challenge will be a milestone for me

Ferx: Good luck to you too Fernando. Glad you like the gif.

FOURK: Yes, I am still teaching there during the evening. Feel free to drop by.

Collings: hey nick, thanx for dropping by. Best luck to you too!

RicoD: I will make some progress this week.

nwiz25, MartinNielsen: Nevile and Martin, thank you two so much for following Donglu’s thread. And thank you very much for dropping. I will turn a chinese legend into this piece. You probably already guessed. (there aren’t many chinese legend that the westerns familiar with) :stuck_out_tongue:


hey jack
how are you?best of luck for the challenge.cant wait to see what you come up with


16 regular or weird gears.


oh very cool collection of gears :slight_smile:


Hi Jack! glad to see you in this one , can you send me the collection of gear you made? hehehe kidding man!
good luck and have fun!


This should give a better idea of what I want to do with the big guy.


looking really good :beer: can`t wait to see this in 3d keep going :thumbsup:


I really like the dramatic color range you have going there and the whole thing is very cool. :smiley: So you’re going with a steampunk King Kong?


Ah! Jack, you bad! having been hidding those gears from me during the whole weekend! :scream:
I really love them! I strongly encourage you to become a concept artist! :stuck_out_tongue:


Killermachine: Hey Amrinder. it’s been a while. Good to see you here too.

arLutic: Thanks Gerard. It’s just some prop_gear files that I did so I can “lego” them later. Oh Oh! you are from montreal!

monsitj: Welcome welcome Monsit. It’s an honor to have you here in my post. Sure I will send those gears to you, with absolutly no charge, yet with a transition fee of…(grin), oh and with tax too :stuck_out_tongue:

thebest: Won’t let you down Tony~

paperclip: Hey Theresa! Good to see you here. It’s gonna be The monkey king vs steam KingKong. The fight of the two legendary monkeys (well, king kong isn’t a monkey but… you know…)

Donglu-Littlefish: I’m a good kid… o.o


Hey Jack, nice work on the concept pre-vis sketches and the gears. Looking forward to seeing this one come together. Cheers.


WIP, low rez gorilla head


ok let’s the fun begin :bounce:.


sweet!!steam king-kong Vs monkey king…this will be a real good entry to see :buttrock:


here goes the first polys :beer: keep going :wip:


King Monkey? Great Sage, Equal of Heaven? No contest. He’ll duff up Kong!

Good luck Jack, sure it’ll be great!


pffwaa…great modeling as usual Jack. really clean low res.


Hey Jack,

Goshhhh, love the expression and lighting mood in that steamgorilla face! :D, really awesome! And you make a great work with all gears designs ! Cant wait to see your whole concept mate. Cheers!! :beer:


Gorilla low complete. No feet? Too low rez? Anatomy has problem? Who cares~~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch me, here’s where the fun really begins.


A quick rig and quick skinning, here you go, close-to-final pose.