Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


This is great! colours are perhaps a little over saturated in places?


fixed some of the area that warlus mentioned.


Indeed the updates look nice :slight_smile:


Yup ! hell of a job ! :smiley:


hey jack
done amazing work bro i hope judges do justice to ur work :thumbsup:


This piece promised amazing results from the beginning. Welldone Zhang!


Good concept and composting.
I think that need more depth…a little.


I couldn’t come with something good on both design and ideas… :sad:


I truly have no idea if and when the sequel of Kong will be released, but this image of yours would be the ideal movie poster for a steampunk feature film with this hero. Excellent work once again Jack, love the whole mood, very painterly quality :slight_smile:


Last three days sprint:

adding depth
refine shade and color
refine foreground vegetation

final submission is scheduled on the 10th of Jan.


5 minutes before I decide to stop and go to bed,.psd file corrupted. half of layers lost 90% of the diffuse information and the other half’s masks are lost. Latest backup that works was 15 days ago (don’t ask me why). I don’t know how i sounded like when I told donglu what happened and I definitely don’t want to know the color of my face at that moment.

It was 11:52 pm. It was two days before I finish my best-work-of-all-these-years with a 98% completion. Jan 6th 2009, 11:52 pm is one of the darkest time in my life.

I had the choice of giving up, or die trying.
I chose the second one.

5:30 am, with some miracle, I recreated all of what I lost. Don’t ask me how I did it. It must be the coffee Donglu brewed for me before she went to bed.

I faced the CHALLENGE, and I went through it. I think I am a winner.

p.s. recovering a-month-and-half-work in 5 hours might make you think that the damage wasn’t critical. Well, wait till you see how that .psd file looks like.


What the *?!

Now I understand why I do a backup of my projects every week, and it seems you do that too
That’s why I can understand what you tell!
Really good that you didn’t give up !!

I wish you the best for that challenge cau’s you seem really dedicated to it :thumbsup:


thanks for the help Jack :slight_smile: good luck in the challenge!!! :slight_smile:


Wow Jack - I’m so so sorry to hear that… That’s frustrating! But I’m so glad that you aren’t give up.

You deserve the first place on that contest for me :buttrock:


Now the background is really tying everything together!


Thats some mighty piece you have here. loved the comp, and posing- very dynamic. the design is grate- cool details everywere. the only crit I have is the bright light the aape mouth & eyes- it feels a bit burned to me.
Good luck


I knew you can get it done no matter what happens. CG is your passion, you are holding it tight. :love:


Jack, that looks fantastic! You’ve done a great job balancing that large range of tones and hues.
A real bummer about all that loss of work. I feel for you. I’m backing up like crazy.

The best of luck with this.


I know exactly what you mean. I just finished a job. The wanted uncompressed jpegs. So the moment I saved them out, photoshop crashed taking my unsaved psd with it. The job was done but how close is that.
Ps, the work is a testament to dedication.


Great work Jack, glad you survived to finish the piece, hang in their dude.