Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Your image looks great Jack! The colors and sense of action is really nice.

I feel sorry for the little dude tho, he’s going to get really hurt :slight_smile:


Whoa, big update! This looks sweet, and I the fog…love it :P. Are you planning on adding a bit more dirt to kong? Can’t wait for more updates :smiley:


too much red around the neck
flame needs more shade
chest/belly too dark


Jack you are an inspiration with your relentless quest for self improvement and the advancement of your artistic kung fu. This piece is awesome.


wow! i want to see this in a movie! it’ll be a bomb! great job!
though i think something’s weird in big guy’s elbow joint. it’s quite a heavy arm and i can’t picture out how it’ll bend without steampunked ball joints and the likes… it’s just me though… it is seriously a great picture overall! :smiley:


Amazing one!!! Jack you’re pushing the limits and your work is an inspiration to all of us… :wink:

Congrats! and Happy New Year!!! :slight_smile:


I think that looks great but you should make changes on areas you mentioned :wip: it looks great as it is also.


Nice update man …

Like the strenght of your image :wink:


get some steam and fog going.


nice gorilla dude cool position…i wish it wasn’t so yellow in the illumination though you’ve got it hitting areas it should not like, the cheeks and so on …the red is cool for the glow but the yellow should be kept in the eyes and mouth…it looks more like over-saturation than light…and a little motion blur that of the steam following the arm might add something extra to the motion.

still i really like this …good luck


really cool man…i love the little monkey king with armor, wish u best luck for the contest ! :slight_smile:


woahh! Nice !! I like the steam ! …but no more background? :frowning:


Amazing work and I love the colors. Good luck to you!


8 days left. slowly getting there.


Wow! That was a big change from your last post. Really striking! :thumbsup: Your human character is getting a bit lost down there, though. What about some lighter fog behind him so that his silhouette pops more? Also, it feels like you’ve lost some of the warm rim light on his upper right from the ape’s mouth that made him stand out in some of the earlier versions. Good luck!


How nice! Your skills have improved so much :slight_smile: I agree with walrus (again), that the foreground character gets a bit lost down there.


Great work so far Jack !!
Everything is good to me, except the for the little monkey king outline that isn’t really clear to me in that last picture.

Anyway, congrats for your job Jack :thumbsup:


SteevieWoo: Gabeiel, I fixed the area that you mentioned. thanks a ton for your suggestion!

stylize: I added elements in the background as you suggested, thanks Vincent!

Citizen Suicide: yah, it’s intersecting. my bad :stuck_out_tongue: not sure if i have the time to fix it. i might put more steam to cover it.

SNoWs: Noooooo! The monkey king never lose ><

ace4016: hope you like the dirt on the current update.

TheJinj: it’s been a while Adam. Thanks for dropping by. How’s everything going?

ra-gevz: me too! let’s make a steam Kong movie!

machadoj: Jomar, congratulations on your latest achivement. Best wishes to you and your family!

Kerem: s’up, you stopped the challenge, get back to it! you still have time!

Elendil_le_Grand: glad you like it mate.

lynch: I reduced some of the yellow that you mentioned. thanks so much for helping me out!

m4rxti4n: Thank you!

inmaya: background is back.

wildcory1: thank you. good luck to you too.

warlus: Michael, thanks for dropping by again. i’m working on the lighter fog and warm rim light that you mentioned. Thank you very much for your tips!

MartiNielsen: working on it. thanks buddy.

Chokmah: Thanks for coming Florian, and thanks for pointing the silhouette out!


JackZhang lovely image! Great use of contrast and colors. I love the design


your entry is amazing Jack! Really strong piece! Congrats :smiley: