Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Having Monkey King and King Kong in the same scene will be great :bounce:


People who followed my WIP probably have a pretty clear idea of how much I got stuck on background and color.

Thanks to World Of Warcraft wallpaper, I finally got my mind set. The color range goes back to blue/orange/red/yellow. I like this result VERY much.


Cool Jack.

I like that you added a bit more spill light on the front arm from the mouth.

I think you nailed your colors on this one. Also going into white inside the mouth makes it look VERY hot in there so cool detail. Maybe some heat flickering would be cool on the final image as well.

about your background… value-wise I think it might be too strong compared to the monkey. It’s kinda fighting your eyes and you don’t know if you should look at the monkey mouth, the hand or the bright are in the background… Try doing a side by side test where you pull some value out of your background maybe.

Anyways I’m sure it will be great regardless of what you come with :smiley:

Great work so far and keep it up!

best wishes


rendering passes. 6kx5k, huge, taking forever with my 4-year-old station. so i did more color/bg/light test. I got some help from a great concept artist. The credit will surely goes to him when I submit my final.


the new render has really come out great.Hats off to your genius


Amazing scene!!! great work…Congrats! :slight_smile:


Very nice update; the fog does wonders on giving the scene depth. Looking forward to more updates :thumbsup:


Jack are you using Metal Ray to render ? is it working stable on 6k render ?? :surprised


Sorry guys that I haven’t post any replies for days or even weeks. I’m flying out of town for the holiday and I needed to get all shaders,passes,and renders done before my departure, which is tomorrow.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and happy new year. Good luck with your challenge and have a great holiday.

Kerem: it works fine. It’s just taking forever since my PC is old. Plus I render passes per element so each task is not too heavy to handle.


Looking very nice, ace :thumbsup: I can see the final result before me now. Merry Christmas to you too :slight_smile:


working on the final. here’s a quick update. Happy new year.


topmost the works:bowdown:


Awesome. Very good composition:thumbsup:


Really nice detailing and lighting, Jack! Are you planning on doing more with the background? Right now the amount of detail on the main characters seems a bit mismatched. I can see the far background staying indistinct, but what were you planning for the foreground underneath the human character?

Also, I have to say I’m a little surprised to see you here at all, given your reaction to the last Challenge. But it’s nice to see your work. :thumbsup:


IT’S GREAT TO SEE YOU WARLUS! I called Donglu over and goes “OMG guess who left a word in my post”. I saw you dropped by couple of times and at last you decide to drop me a line here at the end of 2008.

I worked on Kong in the pass few days, and I will work on the background during the remaining of the holidays, then work on Wukong and the foreground after I get back to Montreal.

3 reasons why i’m still here. 1st, I like the topic. 2nd, I want to learn and practice during the progress. 3rd, I’d like to share my learnings with the rest of the community. Translation, I don’t care about the result anymore.

I know you do remember my reaction to the last challenge. I do remeber too and it’s hard to forget. I still feel the same when think about what happened to the previous challenge. I was disappointed at the CGS, not the judges, or the winners.

If there’s one piece that I love, from the previous challenge, it was yours. What I truely like about you is not the level of your knowledge and skill, but your mind and heart. I like the way how you selflessly share your progress, how you teaches and trains while you work. And even now, as a judge, you come around and give people feedback and help them out through your critics. To me, people like you makes this forum/community real and truely respectable, not some articles that made 48 hours ago and release at the announcing day “so everyone can share the winners’ happiness”.

Anyway, once again, really happy to see you here and once again, thanks for all the knowledge that you shared with us. Best wishes and happy new year.


This is nice stuff ! I’m very impressed with the results, the pipe work around the eyes Looks just fine with the furnace lights and that killer mouth (but I think I mentioned that before).

If I’m to add something maybe would be about his left shoulder (the one in the back). Maybe you could reduce the contrast there and use a bit of rim light to separate more the head from the shoulder, Just the kind of effect you used on the farthest leg, but not so evident since this area is way closer to the viewer. Also, the arm on the foreground could use some of that against the dark area of his chest, I think that way you could get more depth between all those planes and make the gorilla look even bigger and imposing.
But that’s just a detail, I actually see a great finished picture here, I honestly like it a lot!
Congratulations Jack!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


wow its really coming alive! nice work jack. I think more stuff can be in the background:)


wow, looks so good
you rock !! :cool:


ahhh much better ! We can see the details you did on him ! Cool! I like it ! :cool:


I love the colours and the glowing eyes and mouth. The detailing on the monsters arm is great. One thing, is the forward arm intersecting itself?