Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


woah nice :smiley: reminds me straight away of Kong… would love to see more of his innards… like cogs and steam chambers etc… great work :slight_smile:


Monkey King’s low rez pose is in.
I’m not sure the way I cut Kong’s fist.


Now there is going to be a little monkey dude?


This heavy weight dude means business! hehe, excellent so far Jack :wink:


I’m a bit tired of making meshes so I spent a little time yesterday play with the shaders.

I found some interesting shader reference at Wormball’s challenge WIP. I built a shader based on that one.


Ooh you went with the deep sea diver suit! Hehe wormball. That’s kind of gross. The gorilla will need some highlights in a different color to make that work. ANd just comp in the glowing eyes too, to see if everything comes together nicely.


Hi, good work man, have been follow your thread from begining, really making a good progress and having alot of support from many people, good luck man. Keep it up, cant wait to see the final image . :applause:


getting close. This is the result of a combination of 3 shaders.


the update looks good :beer: and after seeing it I can answer ur question about his fist showing it all is amazing so please show it all…today`s keep going :wip:


Hello, I have followed this thread too from the beginning, and if I can give my 2 cents here, have you considered maybe some rust? or some black contrast? otherwise the Gorilla will look too “21st-century-ish” all bluish, and sometimes industrial revolution-era machines looked more black and dirty…just a suggestion. Oh and I can’t express enough how much this will gain if the gorilla looks as if it’s coming out of a mass of steam, like piercing through the mist…a lot scarier of you don’t what’s coming to eat ya! just thinking… :slight_smile:


Great work…I love the textures and the lightnings. :buttrock:


The update is really nice and this character is very strong and powerfull :wink:
Good job …


woah! ace !

no crits :slight_smile: just watching :slight_smile:


Here comes the monkey king wip. I found the Kong was not steampunk enough, more like a giant mass of steel and bronze so I put more steampunk design on the monkey. Problem that I might have to face in the future is, I need him to look like the monkey king. I will deal with that later. I’m planning to finish the monkey king by the end of tomorrow.


I hope the current update doesn’t scare you off. No, I didn’t make all that tonight. I felt the monkey king wasn’t monkey king enough so i took couple of armor piece from my old work. For those of you who followed my Uplifted Universe challenge, you can probably tell that the face was Knuckle’s face. No matter. You can barely see his face through the camera.


90% complete. should be done by tonight according to schedule.


Really powerful pose, Predator-esque i might say :wink: Good job Jack :slight_smile:


You got a very efficient lunch break! :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice model of the monkey king. If you’re taking critiques on poses though, I think his stick should be moved up a bit (more more vertical, he seems to be lazily holding the staff right now). Can’t wait to see the complete mesh


Not much to comment .I m waiting for textures on the big guy.
Like i said i like the angry expression of kong a lot.
Keep it coming man:buttrock: