Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


i am thinking C and F. I feel the colouring portrays the rage coming from kong. maybe veering more towards “F” more.


F would have my vote. Nice contrast, but the colors still seem to fit together.


nice nice nice~:)
I enjoyed look at all those processes.
Like the dramatic diagonal composition, great contrast in terms of color and visual hierarchy.

shifu~keep it up! look forward to see more:)


i like b and d for color study.
(but i think my current painting teacher would vote for f. =v=||| i just painted a oil painting based on the color study similar to f last week)


Nice composition studies man, i d go for c.I like the colors more,
go on


Hey Jack. Your color intensity is creating a figure/ground reversal. a.k.a you r background is so much brighter than your subject that it reads as the positive image. Make the background less intense than your figure…Is that king kong?
Also, you could warm kong up by adding some warm grays in with the cool grays…that will make him pop forward. The warmer highlights on kong in “f” works pretty well. Just cool down the bg and make the colors in the bg less intense. Also, it you add some copper or bronze to him…that might help too. it might be worth checking out some Turner, Cole or Church paintings. I think Church would work best for the pallette ou are using…

Of course, it is already a really nice piece!
keep at it!


totally agree! don’t know what you plan to add texture or light to kong , but now I think( my personal taste) kong contrast is too much, there are a lot of black area ,
in term of color choice , i prefer d and f
good work man!


aha!!arnt we all in a predictiment.i lik c and connecting it to the last thought posted by fluxist8070 that has the maximum potential since it is less brighter then others and is more towards what we can call an “industrial jungle”

…hope it made some sense:arteest:

tc man


I guess something between d and f will look cool


Really great work…! The Blue kong and a orange background??! Man…U can do more than that. For me the color tones simply do not match.

Good Luck for figuring it out!


Hey Jack - looking really great :slight_smile: Good to see people so inspired by this competition [I went back to my own stuff, totally not into this ehhe]:arteest: I have to agree about the bg - looking at these colour studies I was completely drawn to the bg and didn’t even look at the big shape in the foreground, that is your character. The second value study you had a post before reads best IMHO and the crop is also cool there.

Generally though I like the Kong and don’t like the jungle idea at all [would have been nicer to see some cables and pipes, more in the vain of the brief] but that’s just me hehe


I agree the jungle its …maybe…not the best background .

I imagine (in my little head) kong in a pipe and wire city or maybe in a jungle full of wires. And! If the little monkey is in a attack pose maybe we can see why hes so mad…why hes arm is in the air…will he hurt something or someone??

Well thats just my point of view :stuck_out_tongue:

Bye bye!


Yo Jack, nice colortrys.
Personally I find A,C & E interesting.

I think it might depend also on the fact if you’ll introduce other secondary (third) colors in the pic later on by scratches, rust, used edges, etc…In that case what will be the color of metal behind the paint?, will the rust be an saturated orange or more brown?..etc…Will there be some kinda art-nouveau warpaintings on him or what,and which color will they be, etc…?

In “A” I think the background is maybe a bit too much saturated compared to the foreground and the character himself,and so some depth is lost for me.

C” I prefer and the colors give a nice “punk” feeling.Maybe some touches of orange rust here & there to remind the mouth & eyes & some more secondary(third) colors.

D” I like , nice values, but maybe the green is a tiny bit too dominating…

E”, great values also and a more realistic feeling in pic due to the colors I think.

Maybe his right leg(for us) could be pushed a tiny little bit more into the background by separating it from the foreground arm with mist or stuff.THink this can bring in even more depth then there already is.
These are just some thoughts ofcourse and as I already said, this is huge kickass monkeystuff!yiap!!!:beer:


FRIENDS! There’s no words in any language can help me express my appreciation here! To have amazing people like you, showing up at the time when I needed the most, giving me directions and guide me through, I feel blessed!

Thank you! Thank you all!

Donglu and I had a quick discussion. I decide to keep the background like the one on the right,

but make the entire jungle steampunkish and complete the monkey king before xmas.

Once again, thank you!!
(How come we don’t have any crying emote here…never mind, here we go. T.T)


YUP…i think too E is close to what i like more…although don’t trust me on this at all…i have the same problem with u with color …all the time…( i would say worse :scream:…lol)…listen to

the friendly PANDA A.K.A Okmer…i would say.:arteest:



here you go! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:



D would be my choice… with possibly a bit of turquoise in the foreground to play it off?


yah, i know, the image is small. I’m putting some rough mesh that I did a while ago here and there to get the feeling of the foreground. I will steampunk them tonight.


Those proxy look good man. U re ready to take detail pills right?:smiley:
Keep updating


I need to see the larger version! :smiley: