Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


dang, that looks awesome man! This is coming along very nicely :slight_smile:


inmaya: How’s MVM John?

Imperial1983: Thanks Daniel. Glad you like it.

FOURK: cool update you got there Francois. Hope life is good on your side. next week will be the last week for me at inter-dec. I might change a school or perhaps even stop teaching.

thebest: Man, you are so active! admirable!

iskanderMellakh: Thanks Iskander, glad we are on the same page.

Womball: “Might need to stay up late at night to get things rolling”. Take off the “might”. :stuck_out_tongue:

kevindubeau: See you this thursday, there are things I need to talk to you.

killermachine: I hope you enjoy the lastest update as well Amrinder.

paratrooper: Morning Lee. Interesting to hear that my name appears in Korean. I don’t remember anything about CGLAND. You are probably talking about the making of the Flower Messenger. Yah I know, that piece flies everywhere. Which annoies me. Flower Messenger was done back like 2006. I haven’t made any finals after that. Shame on me. I hope this steampunk image can bring back my motivations.

HellsAngel: boy, it took me a long while to figure out how you guys see the different version and finally Donglu pointed out. Blow my mind off, it’s so cool it’s crazy! Is this the version that you have in your mind?

It’s sooo cool the fact you can see another robot from the same silhouette. NO,It’s awesome!

AUMAKUA: Devastating. emm~ I like that word. roar roar.

Samran: Thank you Sam~

Collings: Glad you like the latest update. Your mudbox head is so damn cool!

kaparo: show us more update Antonio. Your piece has great potential in my opinion.

J-Knight: I will definitely add smoke and fog. always helps!

MartinNielsen: Buddy, your wip starts to get very… massive! crazy modelings man!

Donglu_littleFish: Beetle rules!

Ferx: Bloody Hell! You are Ron Weasley! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh no you aren’t. You just sounds like him but… BLOODY HELL! lol, boy I love that phrase. Sorry, it’s still early for me and my head doesn’t work and i’m like a little kid…

Kamcsat: Thank you Kamen~

SnoWs: Keep up the good work mate. I think your work is a lot more steampunk than mine.


This is just bad ASS!!!

It’s a shame you’re not entering the video category…I’d love to see him move!


Is it a new pose for your big fat gorillaz? If yes, well It would be nice to see a new perspective of it . For MVM …well it’s the same thing…it’s okay but not more :wink:



Both sentences taken from mind too…this is so badA$$ ! :love:


Amazing brother! Congrats! :slight_smile:


This situation made me think of those famous images about optical illusion that most of us have probably already seen. It is impressive that how our eyes can trick our perceptions.






That is one seriously cool model man, I love the idea and the execution is top knotch. I love the idea of the mouth as the furnace. Great detailing work and thanks for the WIP shots they really give a nice insight into how you achieved this…lots of time and patience mainly :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more


background test in black and white.


now thats super awesome!! I love the overall sketch and the feeling your putting here!
thumbs up man!


Thats really great work mate, I think its the best Ive seen in here sofar. My only crit is the eyes, the first concepts gave me more connetion with the beast, but I understand your going for complete rage.


looking good jack keep it up :scream:


Coming along very nicely JAck!Great!!!
His right hand(for us) seems a tiny little bit to high for me.MAybe it’s just the fact the hand is really close to the upper canvas edge.
And his right leg(for us) could maybe be a tiny bit higher.
Just my 2 cents ofcourse as your monkey rocks man!



This is goona be awesome. Cant wait to see the colors.
Have you thought about flipping the image, in order to make the composition pull to the right?


this update is bad. i removed the image so i don’t have to look at it.

i’m so have no clue in colors…


Kong’s getting his bluish hue from somewhere right?? wouldn’t there be a bluish/white rim light? I’d say try doing a blue/orange throughout the whole piece. Keep on trying with the color test… you’ll find the right match you’re looking for. It’s looking pretty sweet. Keep it up.


alright the last update was horrible. I shouldn’t jump to color test at this stage.

One of my colleagues gave me some really good suggestion. I think it’s much better. and yes, no colors Jack. hold there, no colors…


Like the evolution :wink:
Really cool ambiance man …


still can’t believe I did such a horrible color test this morning. Must be the coffee… I swear…

If you like none of them above and have time and feel like helping me out here, feel free to paint on top of them.



I like B and D best. A would come in third.

I think the others are starting to get too muddy as there’s limited color contrast. Your focal point is the fiery red facial features. They really don’t stand out against the purple figure because the hue is way too red (though F wouldn’t be too bad if it went with the greener background.) I think you really want to stick with the green-yellow background as well. The figure just doesn’t pop against the warmer one.

Then again, you also want to keep your story in mind. A, B and D can read as a forest setting whereas C, E and F read as someplace more infernal.