Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Amazing final work Jack, congratulations my friend! I wish you win the first prize, you surely deserve it for being such a hard worker !


Jack, magnificent work and an excellent composition! Attendance of your page simply dements! Amazingly, but as it was possible to you will see in the work beginning what result, you have not departed from the first sketches - having kept a composition. Perfectly well. Work is worthy to be in leaders. I nervously smoke aside :eek: . Good luck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


On the note of your losing more than a months work. I have learned that often when we are required to go back and redo something we have already done, it usually turns out much better than it would have otherwise been. Seeing your piece I cannot help but compliment you and commend you for your diligence and hope.


The final submission is officially over. I wish all participants who completed the final submission good luck. It gives me great pleasure to share the WIP experience with all of you. Thank you very much.


Well, thanks to you too :slight_smile: This challenge seems to me to have the best collection of great artwork so far. And you sure helped :wink:


I’ve spied this Thread everyday after school, thank you for the breakdowns Jack.

Vraiment impressionant.




The final picture is very strong .

Contrast between colors, warm/cold balance, silhouette, and again composition contribute to
this very unique picture !

I know I said that already Jack, but again great work :slight_smile:

I wish you the best :wink:


Congrats man for a very strong piece. I love both their poses, very dynamic…and i reallly love the lit and mood. COngrats man! :applause:


Beautifull and a great skilled work! Nice composition and mood.
You’re one of the most talented artist, rising in this field. Thank God for your skills…

Jomar Machado


Hey Jack,

Sorry to be late on your fantastic thread my friend :smiley:

I dont have words, your image is simply awesome!! Totally love the epic feel on it, the great action and tension, the fantastic mood and enviroment. For sure one of my favorites :smiley: I wish you the best of luck !! And yes… time for a lot of tequila shots!! Congrats!! Cheers my friend!! :beer: Salud !! :smiley:


This is probably the most passionate attempt at a still piece that I’ve ever seen on cgtalk. I can’t even imagine how much time went into this work (ok I can after reading through the wip). Not to mention how much I learned in these pages. The apprentice has become the master. :slight_smile: This would be my pick for winner.


Oy, was this ever a mispost.

Lovely piece.


Hi 现在的水平很棒,祝一切愉快 ,工作开心


Beautiful work. Love Kong.


Congrats :wink:


Congratulations Jack!


Yep, well done on that, this painting is a real triumph!


Jack, I feel pretty honored to be on the same list as you.
At least CGSociety was able to give you an award.


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