Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Jack Zhang is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The Two Mighty Kings


A quick matte-paint to get my concept. Big guy is definitely not steampunk enough. Need a lot more research for him.


lol !

a steampunk transformer !
nice idea


Welcome Zack !
yes Maybe your transformers have to be more Steampunk stylized !


Clarify: I’m not making a steampunk transformer. The title says “Concept/pose/color/light”. I took this guy coz it helps me visualize my image, that’s not saying I will do an transformers.


hey hi jack, long time no see friend !!
We are assigned to the challenge ^^

good luck for this one, and i’m eagerly waiting your concept :slight_smile:


hi Jack… hope u are haveing fun so far wish u good luck … :thumbsup: keep going


nice going mate,its great to see u here again Jack.transformers idea is cool


Wow… Mindblowing! Can’t wait to see even more!!


Hey Jack!
Glad to see I’ll be running against my old teacher :slight_smile: I decided to enter as well - Best of luck !
Love your posing & concept - I’ll have mine up soon!



For those ones who still think I’m gonna make a steampunk transformer against Ryu, once again, that’s not what I’m making.

SweD: Nice to see you again buddy. Life gets busy, I haven’t get around the forum as much as I use to. Good to see you here too. And good luck~

Thebest: Tony, you are always around. Thank you so much for dropping by. Best wishes

MichaelZHsee: Michael! show us some concept!

SheenaJ: Thanks Sheena. I will definitly deliver more.

FOURK: Francois~ emm… which Francois? The rigging Francois? So many students… and i’m getting old… anyway…WELCOME WELCOME!


Jack - long time… really looking forward to this one :slight_smile:


Made a small .gif to show my students how I made this concept. I’d like to share with you too.


To Intervain:Magdalena! How’s life at Ubi? We still haven’t get a chance for even a couple of coffee. Good to see you here too. Good luck~


Looking forward to where this study will lead you.
Thanks for sharing.


Hey Jack,

Nice start, like the composition, gesture and palette on your resarch, really cool!! :smiley: And thanks for share your workflow.


Hey Jack!
I’m loving the setup / character posing! Can’t wait to see your WIPs - are you still teaching at Inter Dec? Could I drop by sometime to say hello again for old times sake? :wavey:


hi jack, welcome to the fun. cool animated gif ;).
best of luck !


Interesting … wondering where you’ll go from here. Good luck Jack!


heyy dude!! :bounce: how’s it goin?! me curious to see what you gonna come up with :stuck_out_tongue: … good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Hey :slight_smile: I followed your earlier entry and curious to see what you come up with this time :slight_smile: