Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jacek Tuminski


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Latest Update: Final Image: Snow White and the Seven Dwarf


well… maybe I will do something else…


Well. I decided to make steampunk Prometheus


sorry, don’t read this …i just didn;t know how picture uploading works …
so…I’m removing old picture from here.


I changed my mind again…


fast sketches of first 2 dwarfs


Hi ! Your concept sketch is very funny ! Good luck for the challenge ! Bye.


Thank you ShkYo !!
I’m very glad that somebody gave me some feedback.
Now, when I see that at least 1 person likes my concept I’m geting to work :wink:
And I wish you good luck to !!!


first colour skin, I will correct composition later


Perfect colour tones! And a bit more detail would not have mattered :slight_smile:


thank you…
my first intention was to do something funny…
but with this colours I’m wondering if the atmosphere will not affect my first intention .
It’s more frightening now :slight_smile:

I will put details in 3d - because I’m not good in painting :slight_smile:
I hope I will finish this on time !:slight_smile:


first test of textures…


dwarf 1 texture test …


just basic shapes of my first 4 dwarfs


Cool designs! The left one is perhaps a bit different then the other tree, but it doesn’t bother that much. Keep going !


I did first compostion and colours.
still missing:
snow white (princess), 7th dwarf, textures, details, fx (smoke …etc…)
any feedback would be very greatfull.


i changed colloer a little…
still to do:
details, princess, fx


What can i say…U are a damn genious! A part the original design…and the brilliant colour palette…THE IDEA IS MINDBLOWINGTOOCOOLANDMORE!!!
seriously…many many congrats… what a true piece of art u did.


thank you very mouch…OZ !!!
I see that we like the same color pallette :wink:
I;m happy that u like it,
it is realy motivate me to finish that !!!
best of luck with your Nemo - Looks real AWSOM!!!

My dwarfs are still not to STEAMPUNKY style :frowning:
but I will try my best in this 4 days.
I will try to add some details on my dwarfs, princess (i’m affraid of that), steam, some details on the flor and walls, create UV mappings, create textures…A LOT OF WORK :slight_smile:
any ideas will be welcomed…


Software: Maya

I think this are base object (maybe i will add some if i have time), i need to focus on some fx now.