Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: ila Soleimani


Ah Cool, that’s long time since my last challenge! now is time to have some fun again! just my type of stuff. :slight_smile:





I like it when challenges feel like an old school reunion :slight_smile:


agreed AJ! this thread is so cosy i keep it up while working just to get a glimpse of how it once was… :smiley:
now the remaining question is just who will actually join the school reunion…


AJ, dear old friend! good to see u again :slight_smile: … yea Fellah, let’s find some old folks and have some fun again! …


hm, ila… you should know that all our old friends are either dead or to old to sit on a chair for hours working on challenges… all i can do is to bump this thread again as it give’s me a nice nostalgic start this rainy morning… :sad:




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