Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Hugo Araujo


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: First sign of life


Another ship. :slight_smile:


Ok, now I can say what my work is about. I had to do one more ship although I know it is not the most original idea, but when I saw the theme annoucing Steampunk, I only thought about the concept I created for a comic book. I cant tell the details now, but you can see it is a flying ship with pirates and mechanical sharks waiting for the victims to be pushed down.


Here is already possible to see one pirate.


Looking great already! I’m definitely going to keep track of this!


great ship design! love the details, keep it up.


Thank you. It encourages me to explain all the details. :slight_smile:


I will. Thanks!


Doing the trees.


Hey Hugo,

Really great WIPS :smiley: Like a lot the mood and lighting on your image, cool enviroment!! Good luck and qaiting for more updates! Cheers!! :beer:


Hello Hugo

Great start. I really like your portfolio work. Best of luck


airships …love them wnated to do one but opted for the crew instead…i like this design especially the diamond shaped ballons, different. Only hting that guy looks like hes gonna walk the plank to safety with those trees being so close ant the land…how comeyou didnt have him go off ito the abyss similar to whats under the ship


Thanks, Cory!


:beer: Thanks!


Thanks Lynch for the advice. Here is where he would fall. Maybe if he gives a big jump, he would reach the second tower and survive - but we don’t want that. So the problem is the second tower with the tree. I will try to bring the first closer, and move back the second one.


Going on. I sketched the shark and started to work on the airship.


Sure does look interesting. :slight_smile:


Ok, there are more pirates still left to draw, some huge adjustments in the perspective on the right and a decision to take about the bird statue. But you fell free to tell me your opinions or ideas so far.


hey, thanks for commenting on my post!

this is looking really cool so far! those balloons are really neat and the color is great. i love the sky too!

the only problems i see are two things:

one is that the trees feel odd. almost like they are reaching out to grab and support the ship. personally, i would get rid of that whole chunk of land there. it’s too confusing and i think it dilutes your message of impending death. perhaps you could move it up towards the camera so you have a nice framing element in the extreme foreground? if you’re dead set on keep that chunk, i would straighten up the trees and get them away from the ship.

the second thing is that, as cool as the balloons are, they don’t really fit with the rest of the ship. personally, I’d hate to see them go, so maybe you could work in some triangular elements into the rest of the ship? like those windows on the bottom, for instance. something to make it all gel together nicely.

can’t wait to see how this turns out!


Hi Hugo ! I remenber you from Strange Behaviour!Your WIP is looking great,love the ship and the idea!Best wishes!

Um abraço e boa sorte!