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The last tooth from Arthur(Tooth Fairy)

Once upon a time king Arthur did not want to go to sleep because of a problem with his tooth. His last tooth was wobbly. His son, who saw that his father was worrrying, asked him why he was so afraid to loose his tooth since he already lost a lot. King Arthur explained that he had a dream the tooth fairy was taking his last tooth. Since his childhood he was afraid of the tooth fairy.His son laughed and told the father:“This is just mythos and legend!“


Hi Guys
This is the first skecth from me,i found a good story from wikipedia.
In Greek mythology, Stymphalian birds were man-eating birds with wings of brass and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims, and were pets of Ares, the god of war. Furthermore, their dung was highly toxic. They had migrated to Lake Stymphalia in Arcadia to escape a pack of wolves, and bred quickly and took over the countryside, destroying local crops and fruit trees. Ridding the land of these birds was one of Heracles’ Twelve Labors, and some sources claim the Stymphalian birds were the same avians that attacked the Argonauts.
Hope you guys like it.
cc are welcome


Looks very nice, great dynamism in the sketches.


Nice idea…look forward to seeing how you follow it through!!


Hey Heri,

Cool sketch !! and like your concept and the aproach taht you taked, really nice! Good luck and looking forward for more updates on your concept. Cheers mate ! :beer:


Great alternative take on the Stymphalian birds, and a nice dynamic composition Look forward to seeing this progress!


what do you think? if i put the building as a background and more wolves behind him(Stymphalian birds)


It looks cool man but I see the hero very similar to falcon man or birdman (I don´t remember his name very well) the hero of DC comics


Thanks! you are right, i just checked by google and i found "FALCON MAN/MARVEL"He also has his wings on his arm, but the rest is totaly different,
and i also found "HAWKMAN/DC"the wings on his back. But the head similar to my character, anyway i dont satisfied with the head and the wings i will try to make something really different.


Its exiting to see your concept in 3d, awesome man…


Hi Everyone
I am going in to detail right now,some critic will help me a lot to get a good result,thanks


Fantastic drawings. Keep up the great work!


nice man :slight_smile:
you finished ? ? haha


Really sweet looking drawing and a great concept.
I´m looking foreword to see how the background will look.


Wao, if my final image would look a little bit like your sketches, I would be happy.
Realy amazing!


I’m liking the detail, however I feel like his right arm is looking rather small even considering the perspective. I can’t wait to see the wolves, they look like they will bring more of the steampunk feel into the image. Great concept though!


Great concept and composition!
But I prefer the head as it was in the first sketch… and the chest also: it was really dynamic.
The character seems a bit stiff in the last version, to me.
…only my opinion!
I’ll follow your work… good luck :slight_smile:


cool, what about making his wings bigger? just a suggestion though :slight_smile:


Very cool character! The blood and metal look very convincing!


wow!!! that came up really great!!