Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Guillaume Dubois


Hey Guilome,

It’s coming along really nicely! I agree that the body might be a bit too long. I feel like because it’s so big and long, it takes away the focus from the very cool head you have.

About the ruffles, I really think that they could work! If you’re having trouble with them, maybe try something more like this.

Keep us posted!


Thanks a lot Warpv for the image, it will help me. I will try to improve the modelisation and the texture.
I wil reduce the body, everybody say the same around me; it’s too long.


Really nice job there…but i would really like to see more details on the body, and i suggest on working more on the proportions of the character as well.

Good luck!


A dark and demented version of Alice in Wonderland. I like it.


Here is the advancement, and the first “framing”.
I have change the ruffle, not exactly like the one you shown me, warpv, but this one really exist not like the previous one.
I’ve also changed a lot the proportions, I think it is better now.
The tree must be made of wood planks and the mushroom will be a chemney.


great choice of character! The new proportions are better in my opinion! Will follow this tread!


Nice, I like your caterpillar it is really original.
It’s cartoon and valuable at the same time, it’s a nice “mixture”.
The new “ruffles” seems more real, I like the movement in the fabric.
I’m pleased to see more, continues like that !
Is there will “Alice” in your image? In Steampunk style also?

Sorry for my English


Nice update! I really like the new ruffles! :slight_smile: And with the expression and pose, you’re really starting to breathe life into the character. What’s your next step? Are you starting on some background? I’m also curious about that Steampunk Alice! :wink: Keep us updated!


Here is some quick sketch i’ve done (for while in fact).
Alice is a robot based on a spring energy, and the caterpillar is a robot based on steam energy, the Hookah (wich is not already design)provide the steam.
The tree is a gear tree, and the ground is covered of falled gear. The mushroom is not a mushroom, it is the chemney of a undeground people.

I will soon post some other sketch of Alice.


Here is some sketch of Alice.
I’m impatient to start this character, I’m quite happy with the design.

Hope you like


It’s a long time since i’ve post something.
My picture has evolve a lot (technicaly).
Comments are very welcome.

Hope the best for everybody, this is the final rush.


i like the perspective very much. great character design. by now it looks anyhow alive. would be nice to see them in motion. I´m curious wich background do you choose.

well done, well done. what should i say - i really like it.


Still working on texure and lighting…

I have start the background but it’s far from the end, the chemneys are missing.

Thank you Fipo


Really nice so far! I love the textures and the upwards-looking angle. Great design on the caterpillar, too. As for alice, her arms - at least at this angle - read as really stubby. Might be nice to lengthen them. Doing do would also force her elbows down a bit and keep her upper arms from being parallel to the bottom of the page, the only horizontal line in an otherwise nicely skewed composition, which I think would look stronger to remove. Good luck, and Happy New Year!


Thanks a lot for your critics Walrus.
I have lenghten the arms of Alice as you said.If you pass by here, tell me if it’s ok for you :wink:

Happy new Year everybody


Intersting work.I like the tree. Maybe you could have more contrast on alice arms because the color is really near from the tree and not readable.


I think the length of the arms is working better now, but authentic has an excellent point about their readibility. I also thing that if you bend her left knee a tad more, you can separate her feet and make a silhouette that reads more strongly. Good luck!


Here are the latest modifications i’ve done; of course according to your critics Authentic and Walrus. But these are not the only changements. The Tree is brighter and I’ve started to work on the ground.

The end is near.


love the composition, love the poses. time’s short, hurry up~


Excellent character designs :thumbsup: You’re close, so hurry :slight_smile: