Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Guillaume Dubois


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Latest Update: Final Image: Alice’s adventures in Steamland


For my first challenge, I have decide to adapt the caterpillar from “alice in wonderland”.

Good luck everybody


Nice start! Loving your drawing skills and hoping you go with the ruffle! What you gonna have happening in your scene?


Thank you Selina.
I don’t already know what will happen in my picture… I was especially attract by the character. I hope a great idea will soon come to me.
(Sorry for my bad english)


Here is my work for the time. I don’t have any scaner for now so i can’t show my drawings.
Normaly, under the glass, must be the “mechanism”. But I’m not happy with the blend of metal and glass on the character.

Comments and critics are welcome.


That’s going to be cool when the gears are behind the glass,
I like how delicate and weird looking she is.
Is the catepillar on the mushroom or is that the cheshire cat?


She is the caterpillar on the mushroom.
It will become clearer soon (I hope), when the body will be complete.
I still have to design the ventral rings and the legs.


I like the expression and style of the character :thumbsup:


Yeah, real nice character design so far! I agree with Selina, I liked the sketch with the ruffles! :slight_smile: Will you be making a test with it in 3D? Or was that just a concept sketch for fun?

I guess you’ll be sitting her on her mushroom? Anyway, best of luck with your scene!


hello Guillaume,

really nice work and nice character ! waiting to see what’s next ! continue :wink:
I am Julien from Heaj last year :wink:


I knew yours was the catepillar right away, I just couldn’t remember the story. :slight_smile:
I seem to remember the cat being on the mushroom also, for some reason.


one of my favorite stories
the caterpillar looks great, i love the expression on his face, just like in the book
hope you’ll come up with a wonderful scene for this one :slight_smile:


First of all thank you all for you interest it’s very motivating.

Hi Julien it’s good to see you there, will you do the challenge too?? It could be fun.

Sorry AndyCircus, but i have some diffulties with english.:wink:

I abandoned the design with the ruffles. But because of you warpv, I think i’ll do it just to see if its good or not.
As you said I’ll put her on the mushroom, normaly Alice will be there too but I still dont have real studies of her, and for the moment I prefere working on the caterpillar until she’s done.


I would like to participate but I am in UK to make a fourth year in computer graphics so I have not the time to do it, I am working on an other “TFE” ^^
anyway, see you soon here or somewhere else :wink:
could be great to talk on msn : mine is byyye


Glad to hear!! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing your next update!


Here is a quick test with the ruffles.
I’m not very happy with…But for now I don’t have the time to go further.


coming up really cool, keep it coming :slight_smile:


Just a couple of things added. Still have to work on the arm (especially the hand i’m not happy with the shape) and the ruffle. I will nearly work on the textures


Really cute concept, this character would be amazing in a 3d short clip!


Here is the first test with the body.
I already had a ctitics wich is that the body is too long.