Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Goro Fujita


This is gonna be a very interesting thread
I’m a great fan of your work

cant wait for your artworks!


Hi Goro!CAn’t wait to see whatta you come up with!Great to see you back!Good luck and big fun!


yahhouuu! suscribed and watching :bounce:this thread is going to rock so hard !!!


This thread is all I wanted for Christmas…



Hi, Goro, good to see you’ll be working on something for this. It seems like a category you’d have a lot of fun with. How’s your job going, btw, and how are you adjusting to life in these parts? Fun meeting you a few months ago. Anyhow, have fun and good luck!


Hi Goro,

great to have you in this challenge. I’m looking forward to what you will come up with!

Best wishes,




i can´t wait to see your sketches =)
good lucky!


Man… ur work is great… ur gonna own here :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway… good luck =]
(u dont need it… but… ohh well… xD)


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pressure pressure pressure ^^;

so are you in or what!?

Was nice meeting you too man! Hope I find enough time to finish this time.
everything is great here…except that I have a cold lying in bed all day…


Here it goes…
I’m still looking for ideas. I thought a steam punked cinderella could be interesting to work on. Don’t know if I stick on that idea but anyways it’s a start.


Did a first rough colored version of the pumpkin coach.


hey Goro, this looks really cool, and i’m sure you’ll do a great image (as always :smiley: )
Can’t wait to see more!

Cheers ! :beer:


Hey Gorosan !
Excellent choice and wonderful sketches - my top favourite!
Viel Glück, ich freu mich auf mehr. :slight_smile:


Ich liebe es so weit. Die Farben sind unglaublich, aber natürlich, dass ist Ihre Spezialität!! Mehr, bitte…

I love it so far-- the colours are incredible, but of course that is your speciality. Rock on!



heh I like that horse… looks quite funny!
can’t wait to see your entry develop!


Hi goro!

I’ve been fan of your works!

Great to see you joining. Can’t wait to see more!


that was inspiring even from the thumb… but i didn’t expect less from you!

:smiley: u don’t want to fight me… cause by now you should know, i never give up :blush:


I’m a huge fan of your work, so I’m looking forward to following your entry closely. I like the idea already, so good luck.


Uh !

Always impressed by your sketches !


Goro at first look at the image without reading further i fell in love with the concept very nice man.