Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Gabriele Rossi


Back in Action!

this is our final design for M.U.D.

modeling and texturing has begun, soon a couple of renders!


first comments!
thanks to emiliano and riccardo for the appreciation…

and now we have new friends joining the team,
say hello to bruno, fabio, marco, chiara, anita and riccardo!

PostProduction Team:

Massimiliano Pareschi - Director, 3D & VFX Artist, Compositor
Dario Spinelli - Animator, 3D, VFX and Concept Artist, Compositor
Daniele Bonaiuti - Graphic Designer, VFX Artist, Compositor,
Gabriele Rossi - Editorial/Pipeline Manager, VFX Artist, Compositor
Marta Monelli - Concept Artist, Matte Painter
Davide Elli - Storyboard and Concept Artist
Carlos Zarattini - Sound Designer
Bruno Maremonti - 3D Artist

Production Team:

Fabio Legnani - Production Manager
Chiara Valente - Production Manager
Marco Sirignano - DOP
Anita Oran - Costume Designer
Riccardo Legnani - Actor, Menthor, Mascotte. :slight_smile:

let’s now go back to work.


here is our first rendering test of the dome laboratory…

any comments/suggestions?


here is the model of MUD, we are working hard on the ASH model while rigging and texturing the first one!


This is the first day of shooting, entirely spent in the basement of the place were we all work!

Dust, pipes and old furniture. Steampunk is everywhere!


Second day of shooting, green back in the theater of a friend.
We shot our main character interacting with the lab and the robot plus a lot of stock footage to help us with the compositing: steam, fog, sparks…


Great pics of the shoot…looks like loads of fun!
The cg is coming along well too.Looking forward to this one…:thumbsup:


Software: CINEMA 4D

a quick 360° view of the model!

Play Video >>


And this is our final design for ASH! Modeling is going on quickly, as is the animation of MUD. Soon a small glimpse of it…


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sorry for the multiple post, only the last one went through according to the uploader…

anyone knows how to delete the posts?



Sorry, I don’t know the way to delete posts (don’t even know how to post a video for the moment :wink:

But I know that I like your animation test very much, moves are great!


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