Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Francois Bourque


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: OL_LAB1


After quite the chaotic creative past days… The project will now resume ( after moments of panic ! ) …


[b]And so - It was then that JACK-TR came to be…



Storyboard COMMING in HERE -----> * <-------


AO… mmmm still WIP -


you should model me and make me sit. That’s Jack on Jack TR :stuck_out_tongue:


That will chair is bitch’n!


love the idea and a fantastic start, keep it up!


Cool wheel chair. Excellent modeling. Looking forward to see how will the character that will sit in it look :slight_smile:


Really looking forward to seeing what comes of this. Great start on the chair too. Keep it up!


oooh Jack The Ripper. That’s a great one!

Good luck mate.



I love your chair concept and design! I’m definitely gonna see how yours progresses.


me demand update


damn, where can i get me one of those…amazing design on the chair.

keep those images coming…


cool design on the chair!


Just a small update - here’s a shot of my storyboard, currently in progress ( there’s a lot more but i cut out what seemed solid as of up to now and kept that for the screen shot…)

Forgot to mention, those red bars are blocking text and information regarding my transitions and shot compositions :stuck_out_tongue: ( the pictures aren’t exactly the positions/framing of the show, the text describes it more in detail but I decided to hide it for awhile, maybe until I actually finish the project - just to SOME surprises for you :wink: .


Well, things have slowed down due to unexpected events -
About three weeks ago my grandfather was sent to the hospital after having fallen in his bathroom. He’s doing better, physically, but mentally I fear that he is gone… sometimes he seems to realize what is going on but most of the time he just seems totally out of it…

Today while at work, I received a call from the hospital telling me that my grandmother had been rushed into the Emergency Room… so off I went - back to the Hospital ( and I HATE hospitals… )

My mother ( whose parents, my grandparents, are at the hospital ) is out of the country and so is my father so here I am grandson in charge of all this…

Things have been a big mess, I’m feeling quite weak at the moment, kind of sick - and I have an Animation Mentor class in 30 minutes… ahhh! ( I’m only in the Springboard, I start Class 1 in January ! )

… anyways -
All to say, while at the hospital, I took a few seconds to take some pictures of some wheelchairs, as well as observe the design, feel, and system.

I leave you with this WIP - not much seems to have changed but if you look closely enough you’ll see that there has been quite a few modifications, I don’t have much to post right now given all that’s happening ( and there’s more than just my Grandparents, god bless them! ) -

I’m currently working on the steam engine, the gears and pulleys and how it’ll all make sense - so far I’ve got it worked out, and the front wheels are already rigged up with a few more things :slight_smile:

I’ll be working on it all weekend hopefully - so maybe then I’ll have a bigger update!


very sorry to hear about your Grandparents. I hope things get better quickly.
Liking what you’ve got up here so far. Will be keeping a close eye on this thread


Irony can be bitter indeed sometimes. Here you are, with a magnifiscent centerpiece, and it’s as if the world pulled strings to get you into a situation where you could really study what you’re working on. I’m terribly sorry it couldn’t be under better circumstances. Nothing good can be said about your situation, but you’ll definitely be in a “jack the ripper” mood where your work is concerned.
Stay strong, plow through, and best of luck:sad:



Galvan , Rage -

Thank you for your kind words of support! There is no way I’m letting anything come between me and the completion of this project - I’m not saying I won’t finish, simply that I’ve hit a slow note, but soon enough the pace will quicken up and I will change back to an active “Eighth Note” :slight_smile: