Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Awesome work man.Each update really takes it to another level.
The volumetrics added a lot of depth to the image and hair gave geppeto the extra touch.
Keep it up fabmoraes:beer:


Simply amazing! keep it up


Great update the softer background makes it less busy and gives it more atmosphere. Nice!


Congratulations on an already awesome looking piece. The atmosphere is killer!


It’s really beautiful man :wink:


Holy Cow Fabricio, that’s incredible! Finish up so you can help me with mine.Lol

Amazing work man.


Hi Fabricio, the previous render showed more of the cool objects in the background. If it was up to me I would make more solid steam plumes going up or to the side so you don’t block the cool background objects so much.
Also some how his gum and tooth keep standing out to me as being to clean for this old man and looking at the rest of his face.
Again, very cool stuff!!


Hey, cool to see another take on the classic story. Really loving the mood and expressions in this piece. Haha, don’t know exactly what else you need to do…looks like it’s going well.



i love the expression you did with Geppetto, “yes,finaly i have a child”
the layout work really well,congratulation.

my steampunk


WOW - very cool was goin to do same …guess not :slight_smile:

Lovely image


One of my very favoured pieces, good work!


Simply amazing! Looking forward to see the final image! Congratulations Fabricio!! :beer:


def my favourite so far:)


Hey Fabricio,

I love how it turned out, simply amazing, you have my vote
very inspiritional!





Stunning. This is the best ive seen so far on the challenge boards. You have my vote!


Great progress.

I honestly I like more of the last image with background more visible. But, overall is great. Keep going



Hi, man. How are you going in Buzios? Hope everything is okay.
I was thinking putting the background details less visible to put Pinocchio more visible.
Wanna keep the attention in Pinocchio first, than Geppetto.

Thanks for the comment.

Merry christmas


Hey Fabricio! Cool piece. Good luck!


I’d go with that.

Can’t say much else Fabricio, you are a consummate craftsman.
Good luck with what will certainly be a contender for a top prize.


Cg Society minus well give up the prize to you. Absolutely STUNNING! Great Lighting. I started late but am optomistic I will finish my peice before the deadline.