Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Thanks everyone for the great feedback.
I liked what Ballo said. I did Geppetto a very odd old man. Maybe his invention won´t last long, but he is trying. hehehe

Thanks again, people. It´s good to know you are liking my work and your comments are helping me to do better.

More updates soon.


great progress so far, keep it up


this is allready looking really great. Great lighting scenery composition…Looking forward to see it finished. one thought perhaps, I miss a little bit of specular high lights in Gepetto eyes behind his glasses.



Great concept and modeling. Perfect in every way. My only suggestive comment is that the copper tones of the steampunk character blends in with the table a little maybe a little more contrast. Just a thought


Looks very beautiful… Nearly final isn’t it ?


Oh, what a cool and interesting work, coming along great :wink:


Excellent work on the shading and lighting!
I like the expression in his face, particularly!
Good luck!


this is fantastic.

i think the tube between robot and machine looks too light in a way. I would expect it to relax more on the table and look more heavy.

the design of it all is great. very awesome. :applause:


This is a post production test made based on the render I posted before, so I didn’t fix the reflections of Pinocchio, Geppetto’s specular and other textures. Still needs a lot of tweaking like fog and steam, contrast and tones.


i love the way your work communicates with the viewer :love: plus the colors are pleasing too! :stuck_out_tongue:
for pinocchio’s eyes … how about a subtle streak effect …

this one is pretty strong … but it’ll give you an idea of a ‘burning’ bulb :wink:

all in all … amazing entry!! :buttrock: the finished piece will be a knockout!

good luck dude! :thumbsup:


Wow… very nice update! Now we are talking! Fantastic level of detail… the hair in Gepetto´s arm turned out great.

Definitely the best entry so far! This time you get the chalenge and the publication in one of the Ballistic´s publications… wanna make a bet? :beer:


Cadinho , you mad!
I have just posted the update and you already replied!
Thanks for the complimment.
I don’t believe I could win this chalenge since there are so much great entries, but I would be very happy if I get a Ballistic publication :smiley:


Very Very Inspiring work…Well done.!:applause:


very nice mood. Well done!


I think the smoke is a tad bit too strong, and that area is too blurry. The blurrieness works with the mechanic or Mr G. Its seperates him from the background nicely.


great hair!!


Hi Fabricio, i really like your rendering, and the setting really have a strong mood, but just a little own worthless suggestion here, maybe the metal part look abit too shiny or reflective?

But anyway this is a good piece of artwork. good luck man. :applause:


This is just getting better and better! Totally impressed! :applause:


Incredible! Awesome! I’m baffled!! You really did improve a LOT just by giving little touches here and there! I sure hope Cadinho is right and you get a publication. The final piece is going to be a serious competitor in this challenge! Best of luck!!


Wow!! That is a beautifull picture you got there. Models, lighting, everything looks great.