Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Fantastic work!!:applause:


Beautiful update. This is looking great already and u are very skilled artist.
Like u said i think the lighting could use some tweaking and experimentation but u
get it right.Cool work, cant wait to see this piece finished.:thumbsup:


Really great work! I loved the hose connecting Pinocchio! Maybe you could try putting some small (and discreet) lights to Geppetto’s panel? I know you’re still to add other stuff to your piece but I thought it could be cool to see some dimm lights on the panel!



fantastic excellent work :bowdown:


Looks really good! Almost like a complete work!! :bowdown:


This looks fantastic!

Keep up the work!! Can’t wait to see more. :bowdown:


Great update my friend. I’m look forward see more, more!:scream:



Wonderful stuff. Fabricio. There is so much to love about this piece.


This is becoming one of my favorites.

Will Geppetto have a bit of hair?


Good thing you decided to go with this one.

Wonderful work so far. :thumbsup:


You´re doing a fantastic job. This is one of my favorities. Go for it!


it´s looking realy good!!! the crazy old man gepetto with only one tooth is very disturbing, it looks great.


Every now and again there is an image on these forums that really capture my attention. These images are what influence me.

This is one of those works.

Great stuff mate, really fantastic!


Loving the polish on this! This is solid!


Very live work, sweet composition and mood, well done! keep it coming :thumbsup:


Perfect :thumbsup: :wavey:


Looking great! I love Gepetto’s single tooth. :smiley:


fantastic last update! The man is not a scientist for me, he is strange. I think the experiment won´t work. But the scene is perfect, good work!


super beau


well, fantastic is all that passes through my mouth hehe! A lot of character and great execution too :):thumbsup: