Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Yes ! Textures! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s beautiful ! I agree with nellement ! I love the mood of it ! Only crits : the cloth of gepeto , its a little bit plastic .I know it’s not finnish but just in case;) Keep the good work!!


Nice. My only crit would be that i find it a bit too reflective/shiny on pinocchio’s mouth or gepetto shirt


Just awesome :thumbsup:


it’s simple getting better and better. Such a strong competitor!


Judging from the raw render, this piece is seriously turning into something fantastic! Your scene is just beautiful fabricio! Waiting for the final piece!


hermoso trabajo

beautiful work :smiley:

i like it


Hi Fabrizio, nice idea, I like the composition. What is your renderer? Also how did you do the copper shader? Really looks like it was embossed. As it is still work in progress I guess you will be adding steam and dust to the atmosphere?

Até logo.


Those textures are really starting to bring your piece to life. Nice work so far! I totally agree with Authenic’s points, but overall it’s looking nice. :thumbsup:


This getting better and better…might consider a bit lowering down the reflection…or blur it a bit…but maybe it’s an early stage so don’t pay too much attention to me on that.
Sweet work. :love:


Whoa you already have most of the textures done!?!?


Very impressive work :thumbsup: I agree about the reflective metal though.


dude, the textures and shading are so good. wonderful work! (:


wow…i really love the color mood you gave to this image…totally one of the best entries in here…
maybe you can add steam to the engines…but i guess you can do it later :slight_smile:


Oh… textures… love´em!!! This is getting reeeeeeally nice!

But, I do believe that you could soften the reflections here and there a little and I also believe you should try to play a little bit more with the tones of your image in order to get more depth in the scene… I mean, everything is amazing already but you could try to enhance the difference between the foreground and background. Just my two cents…

Way to go!!!
Cheers! :beer:


man…this is looking awesome! Definitely my favourite in the contest so far!
I love every single element in this one. The composition, the characters the poses
just ace!
Maybe you should make the nose a bit longer or let the light hit it a bit more. Right now
it’s hard to see that he has a nose and that would be bad for pinochio right? :slight_smile:

Amazing work man!


This is looking super nice, you were looking for stuff to put on the table a few screws and bolt would do the trick :slight_smile:


Fabricano, this looks Great!!

A couple of ideas. If possible it would be great to see maybe 1 or 2 other texture options for Pinocchio other than the copper. I would change the color of the wall dials from copper to a more muted color so they don’t draw the eye away from the focal point, some bolts, dirt and metal filings on the table would add to the realism, maybe reduce the specular on the shirt, it would be cool to try some more lighting options, maybe a bluish moonlight from the left and dimming the light at the back of the room.

This is looking fantastic so far and I know it will just get better and better! :slight_smile:


Very impressive work man …


Wow, don’t know how I missed this one! Really good work so far, loving the characters and detailing. Looking forward to the post effects - bring on the steam!


Hey, thanks everyone for the critics.
The textures and shading are close to what I intended to do at first. The ideia of low down the reflection is nice, I will test it. The mouth is really too reflecsive, I will blur it a little. Something got wrong with Geppetto shirt, it is too specular, maybe it is the specular map.

About the light, this is the one I liked most so far, just because it respects the priority focus I want to this piece. The attention must go to Pinocchio first, than Geppetto. I tryed other sets of light, like putting the main light between them, but this way Geppetto gets too bright and draw the attention to him first. A bluish secondary light like moon light was in my mind, but I found better sujest a close and tight place for his workshop.

Of course that this render is far from I want to the final image. The background and Geppetto should be darker, there will be steam giving a foggy enviroment.

Your opinions are helping me a lot. Thank you again everyone.

Keep posting :thumbsup: