Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


what a great interpretation of you chosen myth. i like the concept and the composition the pinocchio looks so spot on.


Congratulations Fabricio, yours is one of the best entries I’ve seen so far. I think you could almost be finished modeling as it is right now. If you really hit it with the lighting, making it more subtle and defined, you could have a winner. :applause:


Well, nothing I can really say that the others haven’t said before, but really just top notch work!


Love the "cartoon " style of your picture … good modeling can’t wait to see texture version !


Muito bom! Gosto da composição geométrica da imagem e do acting (mesmo que ligeiro e subtil). Está tudo lá! Parabéns! Siga para o shading and texturing! :slight_smile:


Wow. Great modeling and composition. And yeah, very nice to see other brazillians around here!


looks really great!


Dang, I’m really excited for you, this is going to come out great.


One of best entries so far. Great composition, theme and modeling. I’m waiting for the textures and shader. Keep going


This looks great - I love everything about it but I did want to suggest something - I think if pinocchio’s hat was tilted a bit to one side it might make him a little more fun looking - but like I said it looks fantastic

good luck


Thanks everyone for the compliments and support. This is very motivating.

I will post some render tests soon.


Damn ! I like it more and more ! Continue the good work ! I cant wait to see these textured.


Great mood!


Hey Fabricio! AMAZING work! The mood, the poses, the modeling, all top notch!! Can’t you work faster to finish this work :P?! We’re all anxious to see it completed!!

Keep it comming! And congratulations!!


Awesome concept! could expect nothing different from my friend Fabricio! two thumbs up mate! :slight_smile:


This is already brilliant. Can’t wait to see it progress!


Sweet:applause:! Both characters are so funny and cool… Go Fabricio!


Hello Fabricio.

I just love the idea and work in progress is looking amazing. Very powerfull poses :slight_smile:

Tá mandando muito bem!!! Tó de olho cara. :thumbsup:



This is a raw render. Some textures are missing and others must be tweaked.
I intend to do a lot of Photoshop work for post production.


Whoa,thats beautiful piece,everything is awesome,composition,mood,modeling,keep up the great progress