Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Great idea :slight_smile:
turning the pinnochio into a Steambot.
I like the lightning too… do you plan to color it?


Shure I gone color it! With lots of dirty and rusted textures!


Great update dude! Keep posting!


Hey Fabricio,

Great concept and model!!!
Wanna see more!


Hi man,

Pinocchio was a good choice. Nice model and concept. I`ll wait for more posts.


Lovely modeling and design! keep it up!


Fabricio, boa sorte cara!vou ficar acompanhando e aqui torcendo, achei o modelo bacana…



Great concept, i like the lighting as well. Well you be including his maker?


D’aww, that’s so cute!


this is a cool concept :slight_smile: like the way you model pinoc… :smiley: and the lighting is nice too… keep it up…


Nice idea, Fabricio!

Knowing your talent, I can see where this is piece is heading… I will keep my both eyes on it! Can´t wait for the final result! :bowdown:


First WIP of Geppetto. His pose and shapes are done. I will tweak his clothes and put a hair and teeth later.
Now I will make the background.


Oooh, Geppetto looks fantastic!, he has good gesture.
Good progress Fabricio, :wavey: I want see more!

Is the hose broken? Or something is absent.


Wow fantastic progress! How did you achieve the wrinkles on Gepetto, did you use ZBrush?


dapi - Thanks for the compliment. The hose is not broken. I am trying to make it looks like a big steam pressure is passing through it. I don’t want it be relaxed. I will try more, this gone be tough.

BUZZFX - Zbrush rocks :buttrock: Helped me a lot with Geppetto, especialy to set his pose.


The Pinocchio robot is great, I love his posture and expression. The excitement and pose of Geppetto is very nice. Great stuff.


Very very nice Pinocchio steam-bot I’m making a matching cricket which will talk mostly through it guns I guess and is a bit bigger, lol.


This is definitely going to be a great work! subscribed


Great expression on Gepetto, he’s coming along really great! To me he looks really small in the scene, not full-size. I’m not sure why I expected him larger - the one thing I can think of is that dial-thingie on Pinoccio’s back (the one I complimented you on earlier.) That’s one of the few parts that offers a hint to Pinoccio’s scale, and if this Gepetto were to use it, his hand would look like a kid’s on the dial. Maybe if you shrunk it down more? Or maybe if you had more clues about Gepetto being further in the background… without the hose linked up it’s hard to tell right now.

Anyhow, just some ideas… but I’m also just nitpicking a good entry. Overall, great work! :thumbsup:


This is a very interesting question. This is one of the most important things I am worried about, sence of scale. Even if two objects are at the same scale, perspective and lighting can trick us.
There aren’t much scale references near Pinocchio yet, but I plan to put some tools and maybe a blueprint of Pinocchio to give him a better sence of scale. I will also darkens Geppetto to look like he is further. Just testing to see if it will work.

Thanks for the hint.