Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


HI Fabricio!
Let me tell you that I didn’t enter this challenge forum till I saw your image in the CGSociety frontpage and I get into your post and browse all the twenty pages to see your wip!!!

Fantastic man! congratulations!

I really like the overall mood of your piece. The color palette is amazing… the warm tones give a really cool “factory-like” look to the piece.

And the Gepetto’s expression is just amazing… it’s like a mix between happiness and a total madness…!!!

I think that the really best thing you’ve obtained in this piece, is the complete integrity of all the parts to conform a really amazing shot that looks really unified in every little aspect!

Well man! from Fabricio to Fabricio! (ha ha ha…cool name buddie) i have to tell you congratulations!!!



congratulations! =)

parabens velho! … merecido premio \o/


Hey Fabricio,

I knew you would win, congrats! You deserve it, cheers



Caraca fabricio! muito foda cara parabens, uma da melhores imagens de todos os contests que ja rolaram aqui!!! ficou muito absurdamente foda isso aí! Mais que merecido!


Congratulations, beautiful piece and fits the theme perfectly :thumbsup:


Way to go, Fabricio
you deserve it, congratulations :bowdown:


awesome work fabricio! your image is really exciting, congrats to you master award :wink:


Congratulations Fabricio!!! I knew you would do well in the competition, loved watching the WIP! Fantastic


congrats, fabricio! really a beautiful work!


I congratulate on a victory! Your work remarkable, you have well caught mood of a theme of competition. Especially I liked daddy Karlo, father Pinokio. Only such mad father could create to itself such son! Character of the person is perfectly well transferred. A post processing and modelling at high level. I congratulate and wish new victories! :applause:

Kind Regards


Hi, everybody.

I am so happy and rurprised for the results.
It is a huge honor to win this competition.
Thank you so much all of you for the amazing support, really.

All the best for everybody.

:buttrock: YOU ARE GREAT!!


Fabricio, just adding my congratulations directly. I sat there staring at this for ages when I first saw it, wondering if I would ever be able to reach that level of mastery and perfect expression in 3D.


My Special Congratulations, you absolutelly deserve win this competition… I like so much to the complete process to final lool… simply amazing…!!! just keep going your work…!!!
Pedro [PeGGO]


you guy he make me scare but your picture is great, man! Good job!


Just great you won… Congrats, though I think I had an apportunity to say so before:banghead: Just curious about the Nocchio metal, as it appears in the raw render. Im trying to optimize MANY metal objs in my planned anim, and I thus am VERY CURIOUS if your copper includes raytraced reflections... I recently managed to achieve a result not worse than my raytraced, reflective metals w/o this feature, but as Im a “moderately” experienced self-learner, they could look “even” better.


very nice work!


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