Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


I love this! Congrats for making it to finals!


Wow, looks amazing! Lightning is perfect, and the characters are really natural)) Great job dude!


Really cool work composition colours lighting post…
I think the Gepetto character looks great in his mad version.
Except one little thing… Pinoccio has a nose remember?

Otherwise really enjoying all the entries here, nice stuff :thumbsup:


Cara, parabéns pelo primeiro lugar! Putz, eu tava loko pra participar, mas quando vi que um brasileiro ganhou, fiquei feliz pacas! Mandou benzaço! Merecidíssimo o prêmio!


I thought you left Pinocchio’s nose out for some strange reason.
Now I see I was wrong! Congrats! Really nice image.

Muito legal.


Congrats so much! This one was a true favorite of mine :thumbsup:


Congrats :wink:
It was sure that you will be the winner :wink:



I can’t believe that YOU won!I was telling to my friends that you will win!!!And it happend!:buttrock:
Congrads my friend you was the winner for me for the very beginning!!:applause:
Let’s go for another Challenge WWOOOWWWW!!:bounce:


Congorate Fabricio ,well deserved:)


Congorate dude! it’s was all yours from day one :applause:
keep it up!



I just can´t stop smiling! I am very happy for you! Congrats, my friend! You totally deserve it! :wink:




Great final image, love the mood in your piece :applause:


Wow!!! Great work Fabricio…

Congrats man, you deserve it!


Congratulations Fabricano! Very Nice Image!


I can totally understand why this won! It is an outstanding piece of work. Congratulations to you


Hey Fabrício! See? I knew it!! I just knew it!! You won my friend! And you deserve it! So happy because of you man! Congratulations!


Congrats man!:thumbsup:


Congrats!! Just loved your entry throughout the challenge. Gepetto is so beautifully nasty:cool:

I see you avoided sth I love to overdo: the secund - stage modeling… The wrench (?) on the table is sooo simple. I would never dare risking this…

OK, going to sniff out some more info about your cg… Congrats again, and greetings from the country where Pinocchio is so famous… I had both a book and a record of his (mis)adventures, of course it was a v-i-n-y-l album of two parts, sth like a top pop thing…

But your one surely will have more trouble in escaping from home… unless there are ubiquitous coal & water stations every corner in your world:beer:


Congratulations, Fabricio…

Your image is much better than the others. Simply in another level…

It was an “esculacho”.

I would kiss you in the mouth once again, but I’m a father now.