Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Great great great work!!

I have been looking through all the entries and this one stands out by far.
I believe it really captures the heart of the competition.
"Steampunk Myths and Legends" Your piece truely does bring out a mythical legend, done in a very tasteful way. I also think the somewhat simplistic model of the steam robot makes the character really stand out, complimented by the fantastic lighting to set the mood, and thus making the robot the focus peace in the scene.

Great work on the lighting / mood, really sets this apart from the rest. And love the steam brush you used :slight_smile:

I hope you win this. Best of luck.


I really must thanks everyone here for the great support and feedback.

I did my best to make this image and believe I done a nice work, but can’t say I have a chance to win this competition since there are so amazing entries here.

This is my first time in a CG Society Challenge and I am already satisfied with the faith all of you are putting into my work.:cry:

Thanks again you guys, you are awesome!:thumbsup:


Don´t be such a sissy! Be a man for god´s sake!!!

Seriously, I think you nailed this one. Like you said, there are plenty of very good entries but yours the most original and appealing so far…

I hope you get this one, my friend! Good luck! :thumbsup:


By the way, I do have one little comment about your work… You should render more background in both upper and lower directions in order to make your canvas more vertical or it will be a very hard task to fit your image on the cover of the book… :rolleyes:


Cadinho, you are sweet as your nickname.




[left]The fineness of your work and the overall composition of the scene make you a serious favorite for the challenge …[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]but I have one question ??? where is figaro ??? the little cat … ;)[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]I really hope you win …[/left]


one of my favs =) congratulations, fantastic idea.


I totally love this one amigo :slight_smile: , everything in it is just perfect.
Best of luck in the challenge … :slight_smile:


Really nice! Love the expression on gepetto’s face :smiley:


absolutely beautiful image. specially the steampunked pinoccio


love the big guy’s expression! very cool piece


Great work Fabricio! Best of luck for you on the final judgement! this piece has very good chances I think! good to see another brazilian here,

E um abraço !


I wish you the best luck to win a price!:applause:


this is a really great image, the expression, the texture & colors, the special effects like the depth & steam, but sorry to say the diagram sheet is a bit too clean. the drawing could have some dimension & some grease. that doesn’t really affect it much but it would be nice to have those details.



very good work, but something miss, you go for a clean background no much detail and give a very good artist finish, but the cam is too close (not critic I want to see more for amazing scene), and the picture don´t have this kind of detail too let the viewer can be crazy for this, however is amazing in texture, character model, global illumination, good luck maybe win or are close to that I guess.


I just want to say NICE! :buttrock:


I saw this entry at the start and thought it was a great piece and now its finished it looks superb.


fantastic! final image looks really good, and the whole from A to B was interesting to follow. :scream:


Amazing work!
Love the colors!

mto bom MUITO BOM! =)