Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


great pic ,gepeto stole the show!
love the mood GJ and good luck:)


Wow, this is amazing, It really looks like pinochio is about to come to life!


Velho… tá muito show isso aqui…bem arriscado você ganhar esse Challenge.

Congratulations and good luck!!!


This image is absolutely terrific!
The color palette, the mood, the concept of characters…
This is a winner for me :wip:


Man that’s incredible!!! For sure among the winners :applause:

And thanks for my new wallpaper :cool:



Very very nice.
Whens the movie coming out I want to see it. :love:


absolut light colours mood design :bowdown::beer::cool::applause::applause::applause:


turned out great! rockin character design and textures.



Its very nice! Good job man!

I really like how you balanced the design of the robot between simplicity and detail. Its very well done!

I really like the shading and lighting too. You managed to put a cartoony chracter into a very realistic environment, which is working wonders!

Only thing I think, is the format. Would have been very nice with a tad bit more wide format.


Fantastic work man, congratulations


Wall paper?


Maravilhoso! A winner piece of artwork! Congratulations for creating such a wonderful image. :slight_smile:


Congratulations:) Definitely a winner.


wow, this one is fantastic, it sucks that i only just stumbled upon it. Great, lighting, composition, mood, expressions, everything. I think you’ve got a real shot at winning, good luck!


Great looking final!


Beautiful art, congrats and best of luck :slight_smile:


Amazing final image!


I love this image, nicely done! I’ve gotta go through this thread and study what you’ve done. Congrats on finishing.


Hi Fabricio!

When I saw your work I realized that I must leave to you a Congratulations!! You really did an amazing piece of art!

Keep going…

Rodrigo Elias


Great work, man! Was the steam made all in photoshop? Love all of that!:beer: