Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Hi Fabricio!
I like so much your artworks! And this piece is amazing! I really like the lighting and the textures/shading that you put there! Geppetto´s posing is very cool!:slight_smile:



Fantastic piece. You have my vote :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much for your comment. I agree that the palette I used is a little limited, I really tryed to extende a little more putting some blue tones but it looked weird.

The steam was a mix of Autodesk Combustion particles with photoshop.

I am glad that you liked my work to put as your wallpaper. When the contest finish I will put a higher res in my portfolio.

Thanks everyone for such amazing feedback.


Truly beautiful work, Fabricio! I’ve been keeping my eye on this from the start and it has not disappointed. I love the limited palette and the characters are fantastic, as are all the details so wonderfully executed! Good luck with the judging! :thumbsup:


Fabrício, your scene is fantastic! When I thought it was too good already you come and improve it even further! The almost fluid aspect of the steam greatly enhances the mood of the scene and the role it has with the light is just superb! This looks like a sunset scene, Geppeto worked all day long and finally he can “inject” some life within his creation! I wouldn’t say that the color palette is “limited” but true to the intention and background of the scene. The warm feel hints that there’s some kind of passion/love involved between the characters and adds a welcome contrast to the coldness of the iron machinery, valves, panels and tools scattered.

I agree with Womball - the only thing I didn’t like that much is Geppeto’s new teeth (did he go to the dentist? :P). Maybe it’s your fault Fabrício - you showed us the single tooth Geppeto and we all grew fond of him! Is there a possibility to bring him back? Just for comparison purposes?

Anyway, congratulations! Your artwork really shines!


A beautiful work indeed, you have my vote


congratulations Fabricio on finishing such a wonderful piece. Donglu and I enjoy it very much. Best wishes and good luck!


To me, there seems to be two kind of entries in this challenge: those who try to achieve a steampunk look by adding mechanichal or “steamy” elements to an image who could be otherwise of a totally different style, and those who have the spirit of the theme from its very conception.

Your is in the second group. It just has “it”. The steampunk allure, in the characters, the story, materials, athmosphere… it all sticks perfectly to the theme, without anything looking artificial or forced.

This is just a humble opinion from somone who enjoys looking at pieces of art like the ones found in this forum, and can only dream of achieving a little bit of this amazing skill you guys show. I don’t mean to criticize anyone, because among those other images that in my opinion don’t respond so perfectly to the steampunk theme, there are some amazing pieces.

anyway. you are one of my favourites. stunning and inspiring work!!

I wish you the best of luck!


great work, well done !


“I agree with Womball - the only thing I didn’t like that much is Geppeto’s new teeth (did he go to the dentist? :P). Maybe it’s your fault Fabrício - you showed us the single tooth Geppeto and we all grew fond of him!”

I thought so funny what you said about Gepetto´s teeth. I changed his single tooth because for me it was looking like a Mentos. This way it looks more like teeth and he is weird enought I supose.

Anyway, I am commenting that bacause I found very funny from you.

Thanks again :thumbsup:


You´ve created a fantastic artwork. From my point of view you deserve a prize of this challenge so good luck and have fun in this new year :wink:


Great work…
I think this competition has a winner already…:wip:
Good luck.


This is amazing. You have inspired me to do greater pieces and I think you. Keep it up.


This is a wonderfull update …
Your image is simply the best for the moment and for me :wink:
Good work man :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max,mental ray,Photoshop,ZBrush

This is an adaptation of the Pinocchio story.

In this version, Geppetto is a mad and lonely old man. Since he has no friends at all, he decided to make one. With no magic or abracadabra stuff, he makes his creation alive with the power of steam.

Source material: for textures base for Photoshop smoke brush that helped me to make the steam effect


amazing piece. i’m sure you will get some great result. Have you solved the uploader problem of yours?


Yes, I solved the upload problem with that challengeuploader, but I really would like to know if there is a way to check if it is all okay with the submission.


I agree with above ! definitely best entry of this challenge for me,
fit perfectly to the theme , and well done both artistic and technical,
maybe this is not useful comment for your work , but i want to tell what i think !


one of the best indeed! congrats mate! :thumbsup:


Fantastic, you are genius :slight_smile: