Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Good job man! :eek:


Beautifull ! I like it more and more ! Nice smoke details!:applause:


Beautiful work!

Gepeto looks maniacal.

This might just be me, but my eye keeps getting drawn to the negative space screen right of Pinocchio’s right leg. It is really popping - do you think the image would be more successful if that area was lit to the mid-ground darker value? Then the jet of steam would contrast more. Or the highlights in the wrench could be brought up to balance it.

Regardless, this is great work - very inspiring. Great job.


Ahah ! That’s great :smiley:


excellent work
i love this wip , and i hope i can do some work like it


great imagery fabricio!! two thumbs up!! congratulations!!!


You did a wonderful job with your image. There is so much depth and detail with all the props that you have set up in the room.
It’s so neat!


Great job.


i dont really like pinocchio… but your steampunked version is pure awesomeness!!:drool:
(i’ll go find pinocchio movie in the torrents…)



Incredible work that these developing, I even feel that the frame ( encuadre ) does not make justice to so good concept, design and style character of the images , I understand that to change that it could be like beginning again, but have noticed that in these challenge win those that recreate rich background and excellent characater, your already have the character to this level, in models, materials etc. you are surely one of the best .




Wow! This piece is really great! All you said about putting the focus on Pinocchio makes sense and gives the scene an unique feel! You’re a real artist man! I know there are other amazing entries in this challenge but yours really stands out!

Best of luck and a new year full of realizations for you! Cheers!


Well, I believe now it?s finished. I am satisfied with the final result and I think this piece express what I wanted since the beginning.

Thanks everyone for all the support and to for the great textures. Smoke brush from

Hope you like the end result.

Happy new year!


Well, dude. That is fecking awesome!! Good Job on a great concept.


Fantastic work from start to finish! A very inspirational piece for sure. Congratulations!


I had been following this one for a while, Impressive work.


Fantastic finish! I really like the steam expelled through his chest, its a nice touch. And it looks even more amazing. All of the colors are more in sync, a more limited palette I think. I was wondering on how to do steam. Btw that texture site is awesome! There is a 15 texture limit, so I will have to take my time aquiring all of the textures I need from the site. The only thing I don’t like about this piece, is that he has almost a full set of teeth on the guy. Before it was just a single tooth. I think that made him even quirkier!

I’d like this in a wallpaper… do you have a higher resolution image of this uploaded somewhere?


I have loved this piece sinse the beginning, beautiful work.
Geppetto look’s fantastic.
Mats Lindgren.


Amazing work…Truly…!:thumbsup:


Amazing work,

love the mood, face expressions,
and steam really rocks :slight_smile:


Two words.
Great! Great!

You’ll most deffinately win. Anything else wouldn’t be right!

Happy New Year to you! :smiley: