Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


Hello Fabricio

very good idea as development and the work is excellent, to contribute something to your work I do not know if you have thought to open the picture just a little bit and add elements that show the factory, as test arms, legs etc. and the typical disorder of the moved worker who does not clean in several months for concentrated in the work, in the characater the work is amazing, you have in hand a very powerful image.




All your work is wonderful, very inspiring :love:



I see many unsteampunky things in many entrees but alas, Fabricio, yours is a perfect example of steampunk, easily one of my favorites at the moment. I can’t wait to see the final submission.


I just love this one sooo much…I hope you win, I really do! Your image is so simple, yet it has so much heart :slight_smile:


i really like this 1.


Absolutely wonderful! The perfect interpretation of steampunk. I hope you win.


Wow! I just got back from some long time away from these forums and this is what first caught my eye.

I love the characters and the atmosphere is nothing but well executed. It is definitely an interesting twist on the story, and a cute one at that! Well done.


I love the tarnish copper or silver texture. Very nice.


Really nice. The added smoke behind Pinocchio helped a lot I think, now he stands out from the background much more clearly and, (something I like as I’m quite pragmatic) it also saves you the time of having to detail that area much further.

I really enjoy the small nuances in the image, like how the blueprint gets a tinge of orange from reflected light.

Nice design, nice rendering, nice image.


I hope … hum … I think you’ll be on the podium
I really love the atmosphere … the warmth of colors gives a very good impression …
beautyfull interpretation of steampunk …

I hope … hum … I think you’ll win :wink:


beautiful entry! Gepeto has lots of character…he looks kinda kookoo :slight_smile: very funny! I want to see how will Pinokio look like with some breakup in the specular/reflections


This is an absolutely FANTASTIC entry! I absolutely adore the painterly look, the colour palette, and the concept. Fabulous work.


Beautiful. Very nice job Dude:thumbsup:. Everything looks perfect Color, mood and lighting. Overall very impressive work:).


Your artwork is AWESOME! I love your pinnochio!


really love this pinnochio!! ace!!


Hi, there. I believe I am almost done with my entry. Steam were added and changed some materials. My intention here is to make Pinocchio more visible and be the center of the attention, than Gepetto. That’s why he is darker. I still need to make some tweaks, but this is the main idea.


beautifull, my favourite picture :love:


I think this works even better. All of the colors really work nicely together. Once your done with this I think I will use the image for a new desktop background.


What a fantastic update Fabricano! I wish you all the best in the Competition! :slight_smile:


Love the new update. Great job all around. :thumbsup: