Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


I can’t believe that YOU won!I was telling to my friends that you will win!!!And it happend!:buttrock:
Congrads my friend you was the winner for me for the very beginning!!:applause:
Let’s go for another Challenge WWOOOWWWW!!:bounce:


Congorate Fabricio ,well deserved:)


Congorate dude! it’s was all yours from day one :applause:
keep it up!



I just can´t stop smiling! I am very happy for you! Congrats, my friend! You totally deserve it! :wink:




Great final image, love the mood in your piece :applause:


Wow!!! Great work Fabricio…

Congrats man, you deserve it!


Congratulations Fabricano! Very Nice Image!


I can totally understand why this won! It is an outstanding piece of work. Congratulations to you


Hey Fabrício! See? I knew it!! I just knew it!! You won my friend! And you deserve it! So happy because of you man! Congratulations!


Congrats man!:thumbsup:


Congrats!! Just loved your entry throughout the challenge. Gepetto is so beautifully nasty:cool:

I see you avoided sth I love to overdo: the secund - stage modeling… The wrench (?) on the table is sooo simple. I would never dare risking this…

OK, going to sniff out some more info about your cg… Congrats again, and greetings from the country where Pinocchio is so famous… I had both a book and a record of his (mis)adventures, of course it was a v-i-n-y-l album of two parts, sth like a top pop thing…

But your one surely will have more trouble in escaping from home… unless there are ubiquitous coal & water stations every corner in your world:beer:


Congratulations, Fabricio…

Your image is much better than the others. Simply in another level…

It was an “esculacho”.

I would kiss you in the mouth once again, but I’m a father now.


HI Fabricio!
Let me tell you that I didn’t enter this challenge forum till I saw your image in the CGSociety frontpage and I get into your post and browse all the twenty pages to see your wip!!!

Fantastic man! congratulations!

I really like the overall mood of your piece. The color palette is amazing… the warm tones give a really cool “factory-like” look to the piece.

And the Gepetto’s expression is just amazing… it’s like a mix between happiness and a total madness…!!!

I think that the really best thing you’ve obtained in this piece, is the complete integrity of all the parts to conform a really amazing shot that looks really unified in every little aspect!

Well man! from Fabricio to Fabricio! (ha ha ha…cool name buddie) i have to tell you congratulations!!!



congratulations! =)

parabens velho! … merecido premio \o/


Hey Fabricio,

I knew you would win, congrats! You deserve it, cheers



Caraca fabricio! muito foda cara parabens, uma da melhores imagens de todos os contests que ja rolaram aqui!!! ficou muito absurdamente foda isso aí! Mais que merecido!


Congratulations, beautiful piece and fits the theme perfectly :thumbsup:


Way to go, Fabricio
you deserve it, congratulations :bowdown:


awesome work fabricio! your image is really exciting, congrats to you master award :wink: