Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Fabricio Moraes


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Latest Update: Final Image: Steamnocchio


Hi. I finally came with an idea to enter this contest. It would be an adaptation of the Pinocchio story.
In this version, Gepetto is a mad and lonely old man. Since he has no friends at all, he decided to make one. With no magic or abracadabra stuff, he makes his creation alive with the power of steam.

This is more a sketch than a concept. A lot of details are missing here. I was thinking in putting pipes and other mechanic things at the background and some tools on the table near Pinocchio to set a scale reference.


I started this piece last week and just now I saw other works based on Pinocchio. I hate have an idea and realize others had a similar one. Well, this happens. I decided to keep my initial concept, I liked it and would like to finish just how I imagined from the beginin.

Hope everybody don’t mind:shrug:


Great Idea abmoraes…:scream:

Just one comment… You can make more complex model than existed one.

Very all the best…:beer:


some details are missing


Great concept and idea.
I really liked of little robot. Keep going



HI Fabricio

I like your idea and concept. Im research some texts based on tupi-guarani etnoastronomy and in this time i´m writing something and make a concept too. Keep walking and good luck for you.


The Pinocchio model is almost done. I will put a little more details later when the scene and other character are done. I don’t want to put the character too heavy with details.
This light is the first test, to feel better how the model will looks like.
The box in the back is a scale reference for Gepetto.


WOW! THe model is looking amazing already. Although the lighting seems to obscure the eyes. Since the tone of the eyes is very similar to the background color.


Thanks for the comment. The eyes will lit up, so I think it would give a nice contrast.


Hi ! Your concept is very nice, and your little Pinocchio bot are very funny !


Sweet looking Pinocchio, I like the light you got there and I think that with some glowing eyes it will look exelent


nice concept and character design! I like how you’ve built the model - the handle thing on his back is fun, and i can see how the nose would actually grow… or at least extend. Good luck with the rest!


totally awesome ! very cute robot.


hes so cute!!!
and i really like his nose :slight_smile:


Like your pinocchio man :wink:
As i do one too you’re a big concurence …
Keep up the good work :wink:



Great Start to this! I think it was a good idea to not overly detail the Pinochio model. I am not sure about the light direction. It might be better to have the light come from the right so his face is lit up more.

Any hints as to the color palette you will be using?


Awww he’s so cute! I giggled like a little school girl when I saw the lighting test :smiley: Keep it up!


he’s so cute! I love it! Great lighting too.


Elendil_le_Grand : no concurence, just have fun

walrus : Thank you very much. Nice to know that you got the idea of the details

mr_carl: thx, I will do that

BUZZFX: I think I won’t put more details on Pinocchio and about the light, it was my first test to see how the model would behave. But I first imagined the light on that position to make the Pinocchio face darker to get more contrast with the future glowing eyes. The face is too dark, I know, but it will be more visible.

ivanisavich: Tyson, I am a great fan of your work, glad you liked until know.