Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: eric scala


Hey Eric,

Is really great that you joined to the challenge my friend!! The Ze Force is in!!! :smiley: That be cool! Have a lot of fun like always and good luck ( can´t wait to see your first sketches on the Ze Medusa concept ) Cheers!! :beer:


woooohoooo!! :bounce: me with fernando! welcome aboard my friend! :applause: ze medusa sounds really really “steamy” :eek: ( all pun intended! :blush: ) there are still many new doors to open! i wish you good luck buddy! :thumbsup:


Welcome :slight_smile: I hope you find the time to finish something. You have made some nice entries before.


Hey Fernando , Neville and Martin . So glad to see you here . Hope it’s gonna be as fun as usual . Good luck to you all . Cheers


Hey, look who’s there! :slight_smile:

It’s great to meet you in the arena once again, Eric.


HI Eric!Happy to see you here again mate!
Good luck my friend!


hey eric! good to see ya here again…
will be dropping by to check in later…

have fun :slight_smile:


Tiziano Remko and Simon thanks to you and lets have some fun . Cheers . Eric


Great to see you here Eric, I hope we’ll have a a bunch of fun again!
I don’t know if I’ll have the time either, but heck, seeing all the pals joining I just couldn’t help :smiley:


Hi Eric,
It is nice to see you here! I hope you could find some time to enter the challenge. It will be great to see your great work once again.


Hello Eric,
Nice to see you in the challenge ;
Bonne chance :slight_smile: :arteest:


Really hope that you would have time for the challenge. A challenge is not the same without Scala!
A bientot! :slight_smile:


Gabriel :applause: , Antonio :applause: , David :applause: and Donglu :applause: always a pleasure to see to read and to discover your works my friends .
Till december it’s gonna be a little Hard , more with my idea I need a model to work a bit like for my paintings … Anyway I’m gonna take time to see your works Cheers :beer:


Donglu is Jack in the contest ?


hey bro! :stuck_out_tongue: how’s it goin?? …


Hey Eric, how´re you doing?

waiting for seeing something eh? :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey Eric !!!

J’ai très hate de voir ce que tu vas nous poster là !


Eric! great to see your thread here. Hope you can make yourself some time to participate! Good luck, ye Master!:bowdown:


Hey Scala… nice to see you here again and hoping to see your future piece… Good luck mate… :wavey:


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