Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Duncan Rudd


I love your steamwalker! are all this little parts moving later?


arcaneg, thanks man. All the pistons, tubes, gears etc. are linked to a simple custom rig so they all move as though driving the joints of the character… that’s the theory anyway!

You guys have a very ambitious concept - it looks great so far… keep it up and best of luck


Your steamwalker is looking really good. Old train cow catchers as his toes are fantastic. With all these cogs, chains and pistons it’s going to look great in motion.


Sweet character design! Nice shader too. I was going to try to make my steam-bike gold/copperish; but you’ve really nailed that look! Can’t wait to see it animated :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

Excuse the (very) rough temporary voiceover!

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Hi everyone - no updates for a while… been hard at it trying to get things finished in time! Still not sure everything will be done for Tuesday but hopefull most of it will be done.

Here are a few grabs from the shots that have been composited.

Thanks for looking and best of luck to everyone getting finished.


It’s a great filisophycal story to tell.
Animatic looks pretty good, and lt looks like you have done a lot of work on detail - love the clock and the mechanical hand!

Good luck finishung :scream:


Thanks for the comment Musi,

It is a great story - hope I don’t ruin it!!


Looking great! Nice texturing.


Your work looks very promising. I’m very curious of the final outcome
Good luck!


Thanks man, texturing is definately not my strongpoint but I’m reasonably happy with how it’s gone.

Cheers for the comment, I hope you’ll see the final on Tuesday - if my computer makes it until then!!


nice animatic

the shading on the golden helmet is amazing. looks like there is small greasy thumbptrints on it as well. WOW


It’s been a while since i last posted here! And by the looks of the renders i really hope you’re gonna finish it. The think i most fear now is not completing the rendering, cause i should make it in time - and in worst case i need to drop the very first outdoor intro scene.
But it’s the compositing and video editing that i fear now. Cause the way i see it i’ll be doing this the day the deadline is at. What a horror.

So i got my thumbs up for you. Cheers


Your renders look VERY cool, and the animatic is really well done.
I sincerely hope you finish up on this challenge. It’s gonna be great!


Software: 3ds max,After Effects

Well I’m afraid time has run out on me. I’m gutted not to have been able to finish as I have all the animation and rendered passes but I just didn’t managed to get all the compositing done. Anyway I’ve added the shots that did get finished to my latest animatic so at least you can get a taste of what could have been!!

Of course I’ll get things finished up and post the final piece on my cg portfolio.

Best of luck to everyone who did manage to finish, from what I’ve seen the standard is awesome. And thanks to the administrators for running a fantastic challenge.

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Amazing animation, the scared dude in the steampunk suit is brilliant.
Congratulation on finishing it…:beer:


certainly one of the most steampunk classic style in this challenge.
can’t wait to see it finish.


Even though most of it was playblasts, I still really liked it! One of the few pieces to rely heavily on dialogue, but the voices work well. Also love the big steam suit. Wish it was longer! I wanted to see what happens :twisted:


I will love see the final video, I hope you finish it and post, the voices is very impressive.

ronaldo pucci


Hey Duncan,

Impresive… most impresive … :smiley: Great, great character animation!! And you have a cool cinematographic vison and lenguage. Hope you can find time to finish this concept. I totally love it!! :smiley: All te best and cheers!! :beer: