Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Dennis Jensen


Doffer: Thx :slight_smile:

Doerge: Thx. Well i dont think that I’m gonna greek him up, i dont like that style too much. I want only the story to be the same.


Hi Dennis,

Looking nice so far, cool robot guy you got there :slight_smile: What are your thoughts about coloring?


Hey Dennis.
Love the model. It has a lot of great details.
I hope you find some automatic way of rotating the gears, as I think it’ll look a bit wierd if they stay still, while he moves, but it’ll also be a very job to animate them manually.
Perhaps MAXscript/MEL can do it for you.
Let me know if you need a bit of help in that direction.

But great work on the model, so far :slight_smile:


Really great detailing. Now it’s coming along very nicely.
keep it up


YEA baby !

I chose to call it my final model :slight_smile: Otherwise i will never get finish. Feedback is welcome though, i will change it if something is completly strange.

Now it just needs some shaders and rigging.

I hope to have all the models in the end of next week.


Daxtor: Thx. I made a color test, but Im thinking more of blue/orange theme. With metal of course :slight_smile:

doffer: Thx Champ. It’s appriciatet, if i been up a whole night, working on rigging the wheels, i will be knocking at yoor door 5 am.

Nothingness: Thx !


Some colour test.

I like this design. So i think I’m gonna go with this.


Hey Dennis.
I like how the model turned out.
Great model for a short film project.
I think it’s a shame you don’t unwrap it, though. It would add a nice dimension, if you drew some nice textures for it.


Cool storyboard. Nice start with modeling.


Phil is looking really great, but I have some crit. Those gears that you added here in there are looking cool, but I cant see what function do they bring in the whole mechanism, especially those on his back.


ValenUA: Thx. What gears are you talking about?

The gears on the arms, is “controling” the arms.
Same goes for leg and hand.

On the back, it’s meant to be the engine, of the whole robot. So the water is heatet by the fire indside the robot, and the steam is powering the gears. Witch is giving energy to the robot :slight_smile:

Staszek: Thx a lot :slight_smile:

doffer: Thx. Hmm, I will se if i got time for it. Right now i feel that there is more important things to focus on.


Software: 3ds max

So i been played around with the leg today. This is what it got. It’s like i imagined it. Crit is welcome.

Play Video >>


Aha, I get it now, tnx for explanation. I just thought may be if you would make steampunk mechanism on Phils back more complex it will look better. :wise: Just random thought. :rolleyes:
Btw, intresting and very beliveble animation of the leg. :thumbsup:


great going on the test. What have you been up to in the meantime ?
For the test, you should try a more comprehensive animation test. Do every angle possible and so on. Do something like a exaggerated walk cycle.

Very curious to see the whole rigged character


Nice character! Very steam one!:slight_smile: Keep going and good luck!


Software: 3ds max

So I worked on the shaders.

I think im gonna make the “broonze” darker. And more dark in the sides.

Besides that I’m pretty happy about it.

Feedback is welcome.


Software: 3ds max

Yea i been busy :slight_smile:

Basicly its just a simple rig. I Still got a lot to learn about rigging, so 4 now im not gonna do it more complicatet.

I Still need to link the part to the bones. And make finger bones + controlles

And of cause a facial rig.

It’s gonna be awesome :slight_smile:


Yea i think u are right. Hmm, I don’t think Im gonna work more on the model though, Simply because it’s a big project, so I’m trying not to work to much on the same thing, and keep moving forward.

Besides making this project? I been working, and my drawing school is over, so we had a excibition where all our best drawings very shown :slight_smile: Yesterday we had a goodbye party. It was cool but also a bit sad to say goodbye to everybody.

Thx mate :slight_smile:


Do you know the felling of never getting finish? :slight_smile: I have that feeling right now.

So i tried to mirror min rig, and the hand dosnt work, so i think i need to redo them.

Besides that, i still need facial rig, and some how make my gears on the back rotate when i turn up a controller, if anyone has experince with that, feel welcome to help me out :slight_smile:


I also worked on the shaders. I’m more happy with them now.

I still neeed to unwrap and texture my barrels, but thats about it.