Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Dennis Jensen


Hey Guys !

I got a problem. I hope someone can help me.

My grass is currently a big pain for me. And my patince is really getting testet.

The problem is, that when i use scanline my scene ****es up when i make a render closer to my character. That is no good.

So i changed to MR, but then the grass is getting pretty light. And i can’t control it. Some help would be good.


I have made it as a MR shader!


i’m not a 3d max user, but check the ambient color and the incandescence color on the material for the color. Big chance this is set to something. In a way it’s best to turn it off.

and about the camera shake: if you are gonna use a compositing software, look at it if this has a shake node or feature. This could be much easyer and you don’t need to apply it to the camera. Check it out.



Hmm, i tried to turn down every adjusteble thing. still the wierd locking grass :slight_smile: And also to give it a neutral standard material. Still nothing.

When i use scanline the normal render, the grass lookes normal as the render above. So i think its MR there is doing something, and i dont like it :slight_smile:


I found a solution :slight_smile: I’m now struggling with rendering. So i hope to get something renderet soon !


Bad news:
I rendered with my computer today, when i was in school. And it seems that it crashed doing frame 50 ! I’m getting pretty tired of this. So I’m gonna test every 50 frame and see if my computer can handle it.

God news:
The render looked awesome :wink:


Hey mate,

I’m using hair & fur for my character’s hair, and I’m using the MR primitive shader and the MR renderer. The renders are pretty slow though…and I’m just making a head of hair! You’ve got a whole field…I can’t imagine how long that’s taking.

Might I suggest making a series of cards with a grass texture on them, and then scattering them with pflow? Would render much faster :smiley:


Thx for the input.

I made some planes, with opacity on them, which work ok. I used today to rework the lighting, and work on the grass. I’m gonna use planes with opacity on them for the scenes where we are close at the house, and hair with the establishing shot. If my computer can take it :slight_smile:

So I’m ready to render seq2. I hope it will go without to mange challenges.


you could use muhair shader for the hair and fur :

i dicorverd it last night. very fast and no flickering :wink:


Cool !

It awesome that so many people are willing to help :slight_smile:

I got tired of fighting with the hair, so I only use it i some scenes, and cheat in others :smiley: With planes. I don’t think im gonna use muhair shader, simple because I’m done fighting with hair, No more :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

So i fixed some animation, still there could be done a lot of other things with it.

My good freind Andreas made the voice over, I thinks its awesome.

Still i need about 3 shots. But it looks like I’m gonna make it.

Let me know if something isnt making seens. Something didnt turn out like i wanted to, but on the other hand, some other shots became much better than i expectet.

Feedback is welcome, I’m not gonna change that much though, because I spend the last 2 weekends on it, and a lot of my spare time. Translatet im a bit sick of it :slight_smile:

My Pov shot is gonna be changed, so its more realistic, it is on my todo list.

Play Video >>


Software: 3ds max

My Entry is based on the Myth about Pheidippides, how was a greak soilder. The legend states that he was sent from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon.

My story is about a Robot, how gets a mission, to deliver a message. But he pushes him self to hard.

I been working on this for 3 months, and it has been with ups and downs. Especialy the grass in my film troubled me a lot. And i ended ud with a film almost with out it. Lessen learned. I Learned a lot, and that is great, so i was quit happy to be a part of this.

Now I’m gonna get some sleep. It’s 4 Am here in Denmark.

Play Video >>


I m glead you make it! Nice character,Good luck!


Congratulations on finishing!
Btw. i nearly laughed my a** off when it said:
“coming soon (actually later in this film)” :slight_smile:


Thx for the comments!

There is a lot of things i would like to change, but duo the deadline I simply hadnt the time. And I lost my motivation by the end. So the final weekend was spent on other things, because the two weekends before i was locked in my arpartment working on this stuff :slight_smile:


because the two weekends before i was locked in my arpartment working on this stuff
The last two MONTH I was locked in my apartment :wink:

I think it looks good though.
It seems a bit strange in some scenes, especially when he hands over the document.
The beginning works fairly well with stills though, considering you probably wanted animation in the first place.

I know you worked hard, especielly the last hours before deadline, but also since the beginning of the challenge.

Congrats on finishing :slight_smile:


Champ, you was out drinking all the time :wink: So i wound’t call it two mounths. I litterely Didnt go outside, only when i needed something to eat, i was like chained to the chair.

Thx man ! Yea, the scene where he hans the document over, got pretty ****ed, i animeted it, and liked it, then i wanted it to be longer, så i scalede the keys, only some keys didnt get scaled, and i found out after i rendered, and due the deadline i didnt have anymore time.

It feels great to be done !!! I love it !!! And i learned a lot, which can be helpfull in next challenge :wink:


It’s good that you finished it. Very nice indeed. I hope you learned a lot while doing this one.
So now you’ll know a little more about all the skills you used and what to improve :stuck_out_tongue:
Animation isn’t my strongest thing, but if you want to learn a little more about the technical side of the animation, maybe you could read this one:
I haven’t ready it myself still, but sure would want to. Always nice te get it in your mind.

Cheers and great job! It’s a hard thing to do for 1 person.


Thx champ :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’m gonna focus an animation jet, maybe later. But for now its more all the technical stuff.


Congrats on finishing this big project. Must be a great learning experience for you! You did a great job!


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