Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: David Revoy


daw : Thanks a lot Daw, I really get nostalgic when I thought to the period I do everyday Daily Sketch. I will come back, cause your daily sketch page is inspirating and beautifull. Have you got a thread for this contest ?

BrittanyRichardson : Hi Brittany , nice to see you ! It’s pleasant to have comments from familiar poeple. Thanks a lot !

Martin : Thanks a lot, as I see their is a lot of good concept boy ( and girl) in the challenge arena, I must work a bit.

Elendil : >> Thanks Friend !

Musi : The new update was drawing in thinking a lot to your comment, and I think it’s a better one. Thanks !

MaxSpidder : Thanks MaxSpidder !

NR43 : Thanks I hope to keep on this road for Perseus and other designs.

Kredepops : Thanks for this first comment encouraging before I go to sleep, that’s precious !


heh, I know, I kinda disappeared for a while, but this challenge brought me back - sparked my interest.

Anyway, I love your most recent pegasus concept. I really like the idea of the steam wings! That’s brilliant. I like the mask too and all the other really lovely details. inspiring. :slight_smile:


WOW! I love those wings with steam instead of feathers! It’s really great! And the horse looks lite, elegant and yet powerful. LOVE those small doodles on hooves, and the mask! :love:

    That's what I am talking about!
    This is one of the most original steampunk interpretations...+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
   O.k, those pluses are my cat's contribution to my excitement - he just gracefully dropped his back side on the keyboard :D
 Glad to be of some help...


oh yeah now that looks more steampunkish!
Great progress man!

See if I can update my thread tonight…


Hi there!

I just saw your last concept and I think you had an excellent and original idea about the wings. :wink:

Good luck and enjoy this challenge:beer:


so nice and very artistic good work and wish for u good luck


Looking great!!


Hi David,
Amazing concept skeches.:thumbsup:
Keep it up and good luck


Whoa! That’s a big improvement on the design!


fantastic. loving the new design.
steam powered lasers ? awesome! hahaha oh wait,
thought it does look great, paperclip may have a point :slight_smile:
keep it up man, wicked.


Yeah, great work, i love the new pegassus.
Keep improving!


wow!! i love it a lot! :eek: :love: i especially like the little details on the mask n hoofs!
keep goin friend! :buttrock:
good luck as always!! :thumbsup:


Love the steam wings! they seem a little small tho. Keep it up!


Hi there David, good to see you back on the challenge again. I really like the steam wings idea! Very cool!


Man… the lasts sketch for pegasus looks great…



BrittanyRichardson: So, it looks like we disappeared and reappeared from Cgtalk at the same time :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment about the last concept.

Musi : Thanks , you gave me a good feedback from the last ( heavy) one Pegasus. and your “+++++++” are cutes :slight_smile:

Goro : Thanks Goro ! I will go “slowly but surely” and draw each concept separed before inclued them in a large scene. I will surely avoid perspective problem and not good design.

GonzaloGolpe : Thanks Gonzalo, I already enjoy the challenge !

LordJoe : Thanks for the “artistic” mention, it’s rarefull to get it with a sketch. I’m happy.

balfs21 : Thanks !

Ataulfo : Thanks, the next ones will be harder ; Ceto and the city ; I will sketch till december I’m sure !

NR43 : Thanks, I tried to read more documentation about steam and the Victorian style. That was a great spring of inspiration.

Neubius : Hey Hey, I think I will forgive the laser ideas, and return to a traditionnal strict Steampunk design for purist.

LORDvesalius : Thanks ! I will try to keep improvement.

Nwiz25 : Thanks !

Snows : Thanks, you are right about size ; I will see in the last scene and composition to enlarge them.

Jeromoo : Hi Jeromoo ! I didn’t regonise you at first cause of the avatar changing ; last one was a little monk with calm eyes if I remember :slight_smile: Are you in the challenge too ? Thanks to came on my thread :slight_smile:

MeijaSan : Thanks !


amazing work!!!


nice Idea there David Keep going :arteest:


Hello! I really like your work! I was hoping someone would do pegasus… I think you will do a great job! all the best


Very skillfull concept work! I’m eager to watch the final piece :slight_smile: