Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: David Revoy


mkaaaay this is allready looking so EPIC!! wonderfull work :smiley:


wow… good luck… nice sketch.


Like your style David and good choice :wink:


Hey DeeVad…
you are going to hate me but I think if you choose a lower camera angle the image would
be more dynamic. Right now it looks a bit static to me. More like a maquette if you know what I mean. And the ceto could use more characteristics of “steampunk”. More gold and retro style pipes. Also shouldn’t the horse be driven by steam instead of those jet propulsions?


Hey David,

Really great sketch, like a lot the atmosphere on it, cool!! and the ceto design is awesome. Great work so far ! Cheers mate! :beer:


Cool concept and work; I think you can refine the horses legs a bit - maybe have a look at some reference pics of a horse’s front and rear legs. The front leg can also be thinner as it is further away from the viewer. Otherwise looking great! :thumbsup:


I love the colour palette you have going on here, it speaks perfectly of greek mythology. However, I have a point or two to bring up…first, the laser? It’s too modern for the steampunk genre. Secondly, shouldn’t his shield be on the other side to protect him from Ceto? Another thing, I’m afraid…I have to agree with Goro…the drama would be much greater with a different perspective. You could make the horse bigger and move it closer to the camera (so the corner cuts off a part of it) to make it appear to be flying into the frame to attack Ceto. Just a thought.

But I reeeeeeally like the colour palette. :smiley:


calisto >> Cool , that’s exactly what I want to do, an epic scene.

nash88 >> Thanks Nash, exctly as you said I consider it as sketchs, I change idea and practise design.

Elendil_le_Grand >> Nice to see you on the challenge my dear Elendil. I have to jump your thread soon. Thanks !

Goro >> I HATE YOU … ( Not ) !!! Your right on all, and thanks for your sharp eye.
I think I have to start over on a good base now my design are more definited. ( to avoid horse problem / have a good perspective /etc )
May be I will use a 3D dummy? I have to think about it to make a good start.

Ferx >> Thanks, I will redesign Ceto to be have more volume and be less flat.

RupertD >> Thanks for your observation. I think I will redo totally the horse. I’m not happy with the design for know.

Paperclip >> The colour palette is insparted by a mix of W. Bouguereau painting found on wikipedia, a good trick to have a base of classical & epic picture.
About the lazer , your right : as Goro is right about the reactor on the horse. Thanks for your advice about camera, I will redo something about it.

I have to think about a tool that would be able to compensate my lake of technics. 3D is good in a certain way, but I will be more proud if I will start over a strong line art all drawed in 2D.
Not evident… For the moment I will do some freelance job to refresh my mind ( and win money for paying my food and appartement … haha )


all brilliant stuff… one coolest than the other.:applause:


Wow, this thread is great!
I really like the work you’re doing, the dragon is excellent :applause:


Before return to the main scene, I take time to work on concept art. Here : the main site and enginering on “Pegasus”.


DeeVad - shit man! - you have really made some progress! I will follow this one - best of luck!


oh wow. I love your idea! This is going to be awesome. Keep up the amazing work. I’ll be watching… hehe.


Nice horse, Deevad :slight_smile:


Yep really nice :wink:


The mechanics of the wing look quite believable.
The whole machinery on the horse’s back feels a bit too heavy for a horse with such thin legs and fragile frame, it kind of calls for stronger horse. From another site, Pegasus is an extraordinary horse, and it possesses powers and strengths out of reach of the ordinary horse. And then it looks very elegant as it is :slight_smile:

Just thinking laud :slight_smile:


I can see you are doing well, really very well :slight_smile:

especially for the horse, huge little details :smiley:

  • Yusuf


Great idea!


I continue on the Pegasus design. I’m helped from the comment, and I decided to choose a lighter equipement than the previous. More lightweight, and with a concept I create and like : Steam Wings.
Now I feel have a strong concept for Pegasus.


That steamwing concept rocks, you’re right, keep going with that! Love that gasmask on it’s face too!