Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: David Revoy


Just want to subscribe to your thread :slight_smile:
Interesting concept and sketch…

Good luck!


Loving the Pegasus. Looking forward to more updates.


Great Idea and nice pos he have David, nice progress sofar, I like the idea of the giant transformer really specially by the humour look here are on the sketch, :scream:

gl buddy


This is looking good, cant wait to see it come to life :applause:


Hey David,

Awesome sketch, like a lot your concept on the pegasus, very cool :D. The mood on the image is great. I want to see your pegasus on a race track :smiley: ( only a wish :D) Again, great work and keeping an eye on the development of your idea. Cheers!! :beer:


Some thumbnails sketching and some composition adaptations.


A speedpainting from the previous study around Perseus , Pegasus , Andromeda & Ceto.


Nice concept! I like the composition! :slight_smile:


These concepts are looking great! looking forward to see them progress!


I like the pegasus best so far! Looking forward to see more!


Yes. The pegasus concept looks most promising at the moment.


Your last sketch reminded me ancient Russian icons of Gorge The Victorious:

Beautiful sketch! It has the same iconic feel in it.

But I must admit - like the Pegasus transport machine better…


great concept david! i like the wings design a lot! is this your final concept sketch?
how about showing the front side of pegasus and perseus? and tilting the camera angle more toward the direction of the spear being thrust into the creature itself … that way … there’s a lot of force and dramatism involved … see how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck bro! :thumbsup:


nice ideas !!


I started to add more brush strokes and work on one of the hot part of the drawing ; Ceto “steampunked”.


awesome myth to portray a steampunkish action! Im signing in to stay in touch with ur further development :slight_smile: good luck!


Just great as always with your works, keep great works up then :thumbsup:


Really like your last composition which has lot of movements and dynamics going on. Eagerly waiting for updates!


Another WIP , with starting to add first large détail and ideas and correct some problems.


CodeNothing >> Thanks for your appreciate message, make me more trust in this composition

DefiledVisions >> Thanks too, I hope you will like the one I choose to developp.

Goro >> Hargh , you broke my heart cause I choose to ilustrate my last sketch, more classical. Thanks for your precious advice, even if I do the bad kid and not follow it.

MartinNielsen >> Hargh again , I want to say something customised for answer you but , I didn’t have enought englih vocabulary to say with other words what I explain to Goro above.

Musi >> You are right, but my idea refer more of a lot of “crossing” legends. The one of perseus / adromeda / Ceto revisited a the renaissance with Pegasus ( at original Perseus have flying boots ) , this customisation look to appear with the old european legend mixed of “Orlando Furioso”.
But all of them are near of St Georges, thanks for the link :wink:

Nwiz25>> Ha thanks for the advices, but I will manage this picture as a “large” scene printable in hi-res printing. So I have to respect some classical criteria as no cutting with the frame the boddys, and show the scene with a narrative method by places elements in a reading way. For sure I can’t say I found the best solution, but I’ve tryied some oher in my thumbnails to take time to imagine what the picture would do by other way.

Monero1981>> Thanks

NinjaA55N>> Woo, great artist , thanks to come on my thread. Yep I choose to steampunkish a myhtological action that lookt for me the best way to feel ensure about the subject of this contest.

Mim-Armand>> Thanks for your warm encouragement. It’s hard with first WIPs submited , they look ugly , soon I think my picture will start to be “watchable” . I’m happy if you think I engage the work in a good direction.

Donglu-LittleFish>> Wao , I really like your portfolio , thanks for your comments , I really like your feedback.

I don’t know if I will can continue to answer like this to all message , cause of time .
But 10000 thanks for all of them.