Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: David Revoy


Love the steam wings! they seem a little small tho. Keep it up!


Hi there David, good to see you back on the challenge again. I really like the steam wings idea! Very cool!


Man… the lasts sketch for pegasus looks great…



BrittanyRichardson: So, it looks like we disappeared and reappeared from Cgtalk at the same time :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment about the last concept.

Musi : Thanks , you gave me a good feedback from the last ( heavy) one Pegasus. and your “+++++++” are cutes :slight_smile:

Goro : Thanks Goro ! I will go “slowly but surely” and draw each concept separed before inclued them in a large scene. I will surely avoid perspective problem and not good design.

GonzaloGolpe : Thanks Gonzalo, I already enjoy the challenge !

LordJoe : Thanks for the “artistic” mention, it’s rarefull to get it with a sketch. I’m happy.

balfs21 : Thanks !

Ataulfo : Thanks, the next ones will be harder ; Ceto and the city ; I will sketch till december I’m sure !

NR43 : Thanks, I tried to read more documentation about steam and the Victorian style. That was a great spring of inspiration.

Neubius : Hey Hey, I think I will forgive the laser ideas, and return to a traditionnal strict Steampunk design for purist.

LORDvesalius : Thanks ! I will try to keep improvement.

Nwiz25 : Thanks !

Snows : Thanks, you are right about size ; I will see in the last scene and composition to enlarge them.

Jeromoo : Hi Jeromoo ! I didn’t regonise you at first cause of the avatar changing ; last one was a little monk with calm eyes if I remember :slight_smile: Are you in the challenge too ? Thanks to came on my thread :slight_smile:

MeijaSan : Thanks !


amazing work!!!


nice Idea there David Keep going :arteest:


Hello! I really like your work! I was hoping someone would do pegasus… I think you will do a great job! all the best


Very skillfull concept work! I’m eager to watch the final piece :slight_smile:


I really like your latest image very dynamic! I look foward to seeing the completed image.


been a while since ur last update … we want updates mate :bowdown:


david, great stuff in here!
i love the composition in post 39 really the most. i can’t quite read where the rider is looking though, i’d make it very clear that he is aiming at the monster in water that he is shooting. also, dig the colors in that one, good work and bonne chance!


I love your pegasus. I was thinking it wasn’t possible to do steam winfs. I’m glad you did it it looks great. I’m still thinking how my pegasus wings will look. But thanks for posting this. I like how your work is coming along.


Great designs. You have nicely planned the details for Pegasus…keep it up!


Arf , I can’t finish the challenge this time , too much of good work waited for me since last weeks .
Thanks again to all advice and poeple that help me in this entry.

May be next time !

And Good luck for those that are still in competition !


We’ll fight another day… :slight_smile: I was close to quit too, but after a final rush I managed to complete an entry. See you next time.


Thanks Martin,

I receive the email notification about contest extension.
I 'm back even if I have a lot of work. ( great job on your thread , remind me Midgar from Ff7 ; I very like )

I will paint my steampunked pegasus.


The thumbnail in the main entries page nail me, I like it a lot, I’ll be around to see your progress great work by the way.


Hi David,

I love your Pegasus, and it would be pity to waist such a good concept. May be you can finish it anyway at some point - it will be a wonderful peace as far as I can see!

I am off my image entry too - struggling to get the video going…

See you next time! And thanks for all that good advice you gave me :slight_smile:


[left]The feeling is very fairy tale,Very good[/left]


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