Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Darko Vucenik


Darko Vucenik is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Making of


Well, here are the first rough character sketches. The one on the left is a grunt soldier and the one on the right is the main character.
The idea is to show the mighty steam empire in which people are reduced to slave labor. Legendary kung-fu warrior will save his people.


Modeling of a soldier character in progress. Just a quick occlusion render and a viewport capture for a wireframe.
I usually do turnaround drawings before getting into 3d but this time i just started modeling from that first rough sketch.


Love the style of the character. Very cool design on the arms and especially the hands. Can’t wait to see some environments. Is your plan all CG or mixture of live action shots?


Hey Darko, it looks really nice your model buddy, keep up workin on! really like to see how it will turn on at the end, :wink: , goodluck btw. :smiley:


Thank you fore your comments.
Is your plan all CG or mixture of live action shots?
It will probably be all CG but I recently saw an old abandoned factory so maybe I will use it in backgrounds - I must see will it fit the style of the rest of the animation.


great start on the soldier.

only suggestion is that the mechanical parts are a little weird and too machanical ( so not enough steampunk )
looking forward to progress


Musket sword spear concept for soldier character.


I LOVE THE CONCEPTS! Keep’em coming. more eye candy please :applause:

Congrats on your progress thus far… I look forawrd to meeting you at the finish line.
Best of luck!



Well, here is the modeled weapon…


That’s about the coolest weapon I’ve ever seen! Damn… And very well executed. Clean model and super textures. Great job!


Thanks doffer, glad you like it.


Here is some progress on soldier character.


Back view of the soldier


Another soldier picture. I kept the model pretty close to the concept sketch but I just didn’t like how it looked with tall dragon chimneys in 3d so I shortened them.


The dragon headed exhausts are a great touch. That would be a menacing sight, an army of these guys on the march belching steam. Love the gun design.


Software: 3ds max

A small turntable animation with wireframe.

Play Video >>


Thank you for your comment Wyatt Harris. I am planing to have several shots whit marching army but if I wont have enough time to create all the shoots that I have in mind, these shoots will be the first to go since they are not too important for the story. There will be shots of these guys fighting - they are defiantly in:)


I made a slightly more detailed concept sketch of the main character.He is small compared to the lumbering soldier but fast, packing a powerful kung fu punch with his steal feasts.


weeee Darkec, looks mighty awesome, keep it up dude! :slight_smile: