Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Daniele Rios Boleeiro


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Latest Update: Final Image: Forgetting Kansas


First on pensil, them let`s think about some colors…
The sky have to be gorgerous!



Im a little nervous... Its my first try here in the CGsociety, and as a lover of steampunk, I should do this!
I would apreciate some coments! ^^


Olá Daniele,
Boa sorte :wink:

The sketch is really good, although i think you might emphasize OZ a litlle bit more.
Keep the good work.


Meu primeiro comentário! ^^

Hey, what do you mean about oz, the scenery?
Im thinking about doing some studys on it, but first Ill get some references…


That kingdom on the backgroud (that i think it’s OZ, right?!).


Good line work …!
waiting for your next upload…

best wishes…!


my steampunk entry-…?f=278&t=700585


That`s a part of Oz… actually, its Esmerald City (is this the name?). So, It will have some green things… rs

Hey rahulmehta, thanks!
So, how much uplouds can I do???


good idea,good concept.
Good Luck :wink:


Nicely sketchs ! It’s a good start !


some about the base colour…


Just some things…


Great idea!! Have you thought about drawing the witch’s broom? There are many elements in Oz you can explore. (Desculpe, mas tenho que falar em inglês, hehe).


You mean, the baloon??
If it was, yes, it will be one of the elements that I´ll use.
The baloon remember me the 80 days story from Julio Verne, and he is really one of the inspirations for steampunk stories.
But I still don’t know what kind of baloon do I use, the classic, or an majestic one.


You’re doing great. Strong concept so far. keep going for it. You’ll be fine. Love your tin man by the way. I want one


great work so far. There is so much you can do with the background on this, such as a clockwork city or the witch’s castle in the background (just a couple of suggestions) also i think that the lion is kind of getting lost in the background. Anyway its looking great so far, good luck.


That is looking so great!


Well… I finished the scenery… or so so… I’ll see it when the characters get ready, here finally it is!


I’ve changed from vertical cause it get much better… it’s almost in the end at last!


Software: Photoshop

Here I’m… rocking like a hurricane!
Well… the history of Os is so fantastic that there wasan’t such a chalange to find some steampunk soul in there!
The sunset get much more atention that I was thinking about… but in the end, I get all the idea better then I thouthg i would get!
So, let’s just wait for the final of the chalenge… but in the end, it was just greatfull for me to get this result!