Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Daniel


I’m excited to see the progression on this. I like the story and the concepts are looking really solid. Good luck!


Hi guys,

That’s a great concept! Atlantis, the dream of all adventurers out there!

I would go with our first color pallet - like those dimmed colors… I imagine things would look like that under water…

And that’s a nice (and very complex!) character design :slight_smile:

Good luck, and have fun!


Hey all! Thanks for the good feedback! Our team leader is on vacation and will be back thursday. Me and skullsongs are producing stuff though, so there will be an update with pictures come the end of the week.

Sorry for the pictureless bump :stuck_out_tongue:



You have good illustrations, congratulations!!


Character Concept of Atlantis Characters
by dCepT


Character Concept of Atlantis Characters
by dCepT


Thank you LoboRecio! dCept has done great job!

Well Im finally back from Germany and had some time to relax so Im back with 200% more energy :wink: So I figured out a good way to achieve realistic waves and are currently working on a Maelstrom.

I hope I have something tomorrow. Also I will start modelling from next week. Cant wait to get started. I think we will start with making a neutrael Atlantis Character that we can work with for developing new Atlantis characters.


Hand drawn character sketch by dCepT


Character Concept of a female version of the Atlantis Peoples


this is some very slick looking stuff!


About time to show of some 3d stuff too… Still pretty earli stage, but have made the simulation and just need a little tweeking… The lights and skies are still just wip.
We have not added foam, fog etc. The boat is still just a quick mesh.

Next step now its to make a female base mesh. :slight_smile:


Fantastic concept art man! I LOVE the look and feel thats coming through in the drawings, and Ill be very excited to see you carry that through to the final product.

Keep it up!


Very beautiful female concepts! Looking forward for 3d realization of them.

What are you using for the water?

Good work, team :buttrock:


Thank you guys! I cant wait to see some final results. dCepT has made some orthos to me for modelling so I will start modelling today.

The water is rendered with vray, were I used Blurs Maelstrom modifier for the twirl effect in the maelstrom, and the waves are pretty much bumps. I tried alot of displacements. But the scene got to huge and to much to simulate so just gived the bump a chance and it worked pretty okay… I think I will add some displacements for larger waves.
The water material its just a falloff in reflection with adjusted curves and a dark blue color.

As I said earlier the picture you see of the sea is just a test and wip. But the water it self its starting to look more the way we want too :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for all the comments! We’re having a blast with this! Next week we’ll get to storyboarding and such… gonna be cool to show you guys the progression of the story!

Skullsong and I have started concepting various machinery and whatnot that we need for this thing as well. Gonna get it all steampunke’d up soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support chicos y chicas!!

dboy: Monday, though, for the next meeting on this, yeah? Lock down the story? Me and skullsong’ll probably split the storyboards between us, to get 'em hammered out as soon as possible… I can look into building a little animatic for us from 'em…



Hey ya’ll! A bit of a story update. Sorry for not updating! I’ve been busy crankin’ out pictures for work… hehe… trying to get ahead on projects before christmas and all :slight_smile:

I’m gonna post the treatment we’ve written for our film, and Daniel will be posting more pictures soon! We’ve got stuff brewing even though we’ve been slackers on here :stuck_out_tongue:

Atlantis Reborn (W.I.P title)

[Ext. Night]

An old ship sails into sea. It is night and the water is disturbed.
Cut to the crew on board looking over the railing and pointing.
Panic breaks out, we hear screaming and clamour.
Cut to the crows nest where the lookout screams «DANGER»
Cut to the deck (or have the camera sweep down from the crows nest, might make for a more dynamic shot)
Frogs eye view of the feet of the crew running to their stations. A crewman jumps onto a chest on deck protecting it with his body.
Cut (or again a boom sweep for a dynamic shot) to diagonal above shot of the maelstrom not far off from the ship. The pull is strong, slow and steady.
Boom sweep down to include the ship moving into the shot, closer and closer to the maelstrom. It becomes apparent that they cannot escape the pull. We can hear the crew shouting over the noise of the maelstrom and the creaking of the boards in the vessel.
The camera continues the sweep to end up behind the ship as it begins to be pulled into the maelstrom. We can see it starting to broadside.

[Ext. Under water]

Cut to under water where we are looking up at bubbles rushing to the surface, there are various things from the boat sinking towards and past the camera. We can see the ship as it tips over and the main mast sweeps past the camera.

Cut to under water looking down on one of the crew sinking along with debris from the boat. We can see the bubbles coming up towards the camera. The crewman is in panic as he is drowning. There is a CHEST floating down near him. Even in his final moments he is grabbing for the CHEST while trying to gain traction to bring himself towards the surface again. The effort is futile, and we see the crewman and the CHEST disappearing in the murky depths of the sea.

Fade to black

[Int. Interior and water rippled light]

Fade in to the camera following the CHEST down a corridor made of thick brass colored metal bars arching overhead and thick glass between them showing an exterior of a seabed and underwater life.
We can see a hand on either side carrying the chest towards a big door with cogs and tubes running out from it. There is a hissing as they approach the door. When they draw close to it, the cogs start turning, and steam is released from some of the valves as the door opens in a crescendo of steam and noise.

[Int. Interior and water rippled light]
The camera follows through the door, sweeps up through an audience chamber they’ve just entered to behind the ten hooded rulers seated on raised ailes. The camera slows down as it passes the centre ruler, and we can see a parchment on the table in front of her. The parchment shows an old drawing of three chests looking like the one the carriers just entered with, with arrows and a diagram pointing to three different locations in Atlantis. Underneath Atlantis which is portraited as more of an island is something that looks like giant steam jets and arrows that indicate lift.

The camera pans on behind the rulers to take in the floor area where the two that brought the chest is putting it down on the floor (alternatively on a raised area on the floor).

There are several audible gasps and exclamations among the seated figures, and an outburst of «WHERE did you come by this?!» from the central leader as she pounds her fist onto the parchment.

As the carriers let go of the chest one of them accidentally touches some part of it. We hear a click and the cogs on the side of the chest begins to spin. All the while the camera has been moving in on the chest, and the last thing we see is the screen being filled with a moving cog

Fade to black.

So that’s a little update from us! More coming soon! There will be a lot going on before new years!



A style/color design suggestion of a underwater scene.

concept by dCepT


Atlantis Character - Female Orthos
Orthos by dCepT


Looking good guys!
I’m looking forward to seeing more of this. :slight_smile:
Love the new colour design, dCept. Those colours are suitably pleasant and mysterious. Makes me wanna explore!


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