Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Daniel


Haha. Hairpulling seems to be a natural part of the procedure for a project like this!
For the water you do have quite a few options. If you don’t have any scenes where the surface of the water is actually broken (as in the entire animation takes place underwater), you could easily get away with some kind of overlay in your preferred compositing app, or using a depth channel, you could create a fog and tweak the settings to look like water.
If there is a scene where the surface is broken, you could create a “splash” blendshape on a dense plain or something like that. Regardless I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There are lots of options for faking it. Personally I would go for the depth channel/motion graphics. Even though after effects can be slow, It would still be days faster than rendering out all that water. Yikes!



haha yeah!!

Thank you for taking time to reply and those great advise on the underwater effect, I will of course try to do this in a After Effects. But right now we are on the surface :wink: Im trying to figure out a way to move a animated object on a animated water surface. Also trying to find out away to make water breaks away from that moving object. The last part is not 100% necessary. But woud be cool to achieve. So long late nights and lots of coca cola, this is awesome (thank god, that I have 2 weeks off right now!)

I just wish that I have some advanced scripting knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey man. What software are you using? I have a MAX Plugin that could be exactly what you are looking for. :wink:


Hope this helps…


Spot on! Im a Max user :wink:
Thank you so much Pyke! Im working on max2009 but also have max9 from some years ago, so this can be used for only water scene. But those waves looks really nice man.


nice concepts :slight_smile:

really like the water colour feel of the last one.


good luck




i don’t know whether this is useful… But for creating under water effects. I normally
use animated texture maps … most of the time it works… and very cheep to render also…

But then again if u are looking for real dynamic simulation …it’s a different story budy !!

again wish u all the best


Just glad I could help! Im sure there may be a way to bake in the animation that the wave thing generates? Im not a very technical person, so Im probably wrong! :smiley:


I like the color schemes and the Atlantis theme. I will come back here often to check the progress.
Good luck!


I’m excited to see the progression on this. I like the story and the concepts are looking really solid. Good luck!


Hi guys,

That’s a great concept! Atlantis, the dream of all adventurers out there!

I would go with our first color pallet - like those dimmed colors… I imagine things would look like that under water…

And that’s a nice (and very complex!) character design :slight_smile:

Good luck, and have fun!


Hey all! Thanks for the good feedback! Our team leader is on vacation and will be back thursday. Me and skullsongs are producing stuff though, so there will be an update with pictures come the end of the week.

Sorry for the pictureless bump :stuck_out_tongue:



You have good illustrations, congratulations!!


Character Concept of Atlantis Characters
by dCepT


Character Concept of Atlantis Characters
by dCepT


Thank you LoboRecio! dCept has done great job!

Well Im finally back from Germany and had some time to relax so Im back with 200% more energy :wink: So I figured out a good way to achieve realistic waves and are currently working on a Maelstrom.

I hope I have something tomorrow. Also I will start modelling from next week. Cant wait to get started. I think we will start with making a neutrael Atlantis Character that we can work with for developing new Atlantis characters.


Hand drawn character sketch by dCepT


Character Concept of a female version of the Atlantis Peoples


this is some very slick looking stuff!


About time to show of some 3d stuff too… Still pretty earli stage, but have made the simulation and just need a little tweeking… The lights and skies are still just wip.
We have not added foam, fog etc. The boat is still just a quick mesh.

Next step now its to make a female base mesh. :slight_smile: