Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Daniel Simon


Hey guys, I just found you entered video, and I must say that I cant wait to see it finished :eek: (yea yea, I have to wait :smiley: ) Fantastic!


Realy great characters! I`d love to see more!


Hey guys, how’s the progress on this going? :slight_smile:


this is the concept for fenrir


sorry double post


Update on Tyr


Wow, this is outstanding. I cant wait to these characters animated!! So much detail. Can I ask how you went about rendering? Are you using mental ray? What kind of lights? Many thanks and good luck! I cant wait to see more.

p.s your last image looks like it would fit in nicely with the world of warcraft intro! Stunning!


more on tyr


more on tyr again


and again


whole body


odin finish


Ramirez : hi dude, thanks for coming by, hahahha, yeah unfortunately you have to wait, we gonna finish it, hehehe

goofara : thanks man :slight_smile: you gonna see more, at least fenrir hahahaha

ivanisavich : hi Tyson, as you can see we’ve finished the 2 character, but we dont know if we can catch up within the given times, but we will finish it for sure, its already half way hahahaha

Tris3d : wow, world of warcraft intro? really? thanks man :D, yes we are using Mental Ray for rendering because of its SSS skin shader, hmm for what kind of light, we use omni and point light, maybe my friend could explain about it


Great works !!!

cant wait to see some animations :bounce:


Omg, it looks soooooo cool!
Fantastic quality!


Simply incredible! the detail is immense. Thanks for answering my question :slight_smile:


Oh ****! This so great! %)


nice upload.
but can u show the steampunk’s steam generation machine?


This is great. Amazing details. I can’t wait to see it animated.


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