Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Daniel Cestari


Boy close-up


Wow!! Lot of updates…

You are doing a great work!! keep working… in your case, keep later in the night!! :slight_smile:


The deadline is short and I still have a lot to do… Even so, I still think it’s important to study better the characters?action.

I also set the scene composition and the camera, now i will model the scene and then put the characters in the right position.


my first render


i have decided to render the image in three different layers

the first is the one in close


The second pass is Mary Poppins


and the third is the background


And after many nights awake, the image is ready and mary poppins can finally fly!


Mary Poppins and the baby


The childrens!


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Complicated? Well, that was an exclamation used by Mary Poppins when she didn’t know what to say. It portrays the children’s reaction to the sight of their nanny flying on an odd gadget. Furthermore, unwittingly carrying in her handbag their mischievous baby brother.


hey Daniel, this - is - utterly and totally GENIUS!!:bowdown:…i love it:love: you’ve done it as you projected in your concept…(really i thought it was going to be a 2d illustration as your conceptart has such a pulled together and almost “finished” look!!:thumbsup::arteest:)…anyhue, i’m rooting for you too best of luck!:buttrock::smiley:



Another wonderful entry :slight_smile: The faces on those kids are priceless! :wink:


:bowdown: this should definitely be in the running for the gold. Excellent render! the design, lighting and overall style of the piece is spectacular.

Is steampunk Mary Poppins stealing that baby???:surprised


I love how Mary Poppins is framed by the window! Great piece!


very nice daniel.
is well modeled, and also original


very original also the final image is great(pretty render). I like a lot the colors and the background houses.


Daniel congratulations for the excellent outcome success!


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