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Latest Update: Final Image: Mary Poppins


After some setbacks I?m finally posting my idea for this challenge. The title is “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Complicated? Well, that was an exclamation used by Mary Poppins when she didn?t know what to say. It portrays the children?s reaction to the sight of their nanny flying on an odd gadget. Furthermore, unwittingly carrying in her handbag their mischievous baby brother. Elements full of life and poetry of quotidian (kids wearing pajamas, lightweight curtains, wallpaper) are presented with an unusual scene. I use steampunk to explain how a woman flies through the window wearing only an umbrella.

I do like when this style is used to justify something that before would only be possible by magic. And I also believe that it is even more interesting when it really dialogues with the story, completing it, not only added to fit the theme.

I know I?ll have a lot to do and little time to produce this image, but I intend to work really hard in the coming days.


GREAT daniel! your concept and your sketch is beautiful:thumbsup:…i’ll be watching this fo’ sure…lol…can’t wait for color:scream:



Some references for my illustration


Mary Poppins’ concept. Her umbrella is based on Da Vinci’s project of an airscrew.


color and light schemer finish


Great concept and artwork! :thumbsup:


Verry good!!



It will be certainly a piece of art… I´ll be waiting for the updates…

Good luck, friend!



Do you will this character in 3d or digital painting??


Hello everybody!

Adrephil - thanks for your comments. Now you’ve already seen it colored. I can hardly wait for the final image too. I get really anxious when I´m producing a piece of work.

Paul4Wood- Thank u 4 stepping by. Actually, I was working on another idea for many days, but when I was posting my concept I realized that many people had had the same idea.

Balta - I’m glad to know you´re also taking part in this challenge. I intend to do the characters´modelling in 3D as well as all the scene. Only the details and composition will be in 2D.

Tander3D - Thanks. I do like your work too. I´m looking forward to seeing you taking part in the next challenges too. Who knows we can participate together next time producing a film?

Now, I´m modelling Mary and I´ll soon post the wip.



I modelling machine Mary Poppins


Love the concept and the model is looking great.


Modelling Mary Poppins


When I clicked on this thread and saw a steampunk Marry Poppins, I laughed out loud (lol for the layman). It just struck me as really funny, maybe it’s my morning coffee kicking in. It’s looking very nice though, I like the concept painting composition.


Close-up Mary Poppins


Modelling Girl


Close-up girl


Very beautiful work!
I love the child you have modeled, and the clothes look great!
Good luck!


Modelling Boy