Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Damir G. Martin


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Storyboard art for the trailer.


Hey mate,

Very nicely done storyboards! Sorry you weren’t able to render everything out on time, but with regards to your trailer…I love the giant robot at the end. You did a great job conveying its massive scale…I especially love the part where his hand breaks the ledge on his chair. :thumbsup:


Damir, that trailer was amazing. Your skills are amazing. It doesn’t matter that it is not rendered. You have shown your skills. You are one-man-studio. Great concept, great designs. When you finish it just publish it somewhere and jobs will start coming from all over the world.


adib, thx, congrats to you mate.

ivanisavich, man, I remember Matroshka. I still wanna see the movie based on your trailer.
It’s not any different here with steampunk. You are really capable dude, hats down!!

Zets, thx for being supportive mate! I hope to see you in the next challenge, cos you got some serious potential there.

I will post my final today or tommorow, If I gather strenght, it will take few days more, then I’l make it complete, more like in the storyboard.
The battle with time was great, have learned some new tricks, new organisational skills, I cant complain at all :shrug:
Im gratefull to all other challengers here for their inspiring ideas and abilities and wish to congratulate them for their extraordinary projects being pulled here.
Looking forward for new challenges!



Trailer is great!! Cant wait to see how animation will look like. :bowdown:


Congratulations man, excellent piece!!

I totally sympathise with the fact that time ran out on you - I had the same situation with my entry. I hope you manage to keep the momentum going and to get it finished because, as mentioned above, it will look fantastic on your reel

Best of luck



I love the 2 robots you designed, great job! and I hope you will finish it someday, it would look even greater fully rendered out!


maksy_Im not doing the whole animation, Il just finish the trailer.
Duncs_Im about to finish up rendering, and then I nedd to take care of the sound.
Hopefully I will upload my final in a day or two.
Martijn81_thx man.You did hell of a job!!


I just LOVE the storyboards you’ve created.
They are so beautyfull. Not so much the drawings themself, as they are pretty crude and simple, but the simplicity, your use of color and the framing just works perfectly together.

The are very inspirational, and if this was a small part of a bigger pipeline, I would love to be working off of those :slight_smile:

Great job, and looking foreward to see the trailer once it gets done.


I’ve rendered the trailer, need to tweak and edit it a bit, and as soon as I put sound on it, Im posting, Im expecting it will be done in a day.


Hi everyone!
The trailer is finished.
You can check it out here:


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